Medical Displays

Medical Displays

Methods of displaying medical products have traditionally been very clinical and not design led. Luminati have been leading the way in creating medical display solutions that are more sensitive to the patients or clients situation, with a strong design element along with ensuring the functionality and ability to demonstrate the product remains.


Methods of displaying medical components in the medical and cosmetic industry have traditionally been very clinical, but Luminati has been leading the way in creating display solutions that are more sensitive to the patient or client's situation.

Our designs for medical displays not only take into account the product but the patient's perspective as well.


Our concepts combine the clinical and the fashionable - especially popular when creating a display solution for medical components. In general though the concept will always be focussed on making it easier and more pleasant for patients to make big life decisions.

The item being implanted will also have an impact on the concept, and the materials that we use. As few companies have explored the potential for displaying medical components there are plenty of opportunities for creating unique displays that will improve the experience your customers have.


Luminati has been successful in effecting a significant change in the way implants, such as breast and cochlear, are displayed. Our displays combine the clean and clinical appearance that's expected of the medical industry and the desirable look that's associated with fashion accessories.

Acrylics can be combined with fabrics such as leather for more fashionable display solutions, or metals when displaying implants that are more gadget-like.

Why Choose Luminati?

  • Members of ACID
    (Anti Copying in Design)
  • Highly skilled conceptual designers
    And sales account team
  • Latest CAD technology
    To provide true-to-life rendering
  • Agile, responsive, and dynamic
    Prototyping service
  • Products designed around you
    Your requirements and price points

Here at Luminati we're passionate about what we do, and about protecting what we do. As members of ACID (Anti Copying in Design) our clients can be sure that the designs we produce for them are 100% original – providing peace of mind that they're dealing with professionals and are getting a unique display that hasn't been copied, and won't be copied by anyone else

When a client approaches Luminati our conceptual product designers and sales account team work together to make sure your project is completed as efficiently as possible. To go from confirmation of the design to production only takes three weeks, ensuring you get the best display for your requirements in the shortest time possible.

By adopting the latest CAD technology we are able to speed up the prototyping process by producing true-to-life renders. These digital images are often indistinguishable from the finished product and allow our clients to see what their finished display is going to look like, without the need for producing time-consuming and costly physical prototypes.

Luminati prides itself on the speed with which it can respond to client's enquiries. By utilising our existing catalogue of designs as a starting point we can easily identify the display you're after, then customise it to fit your brief. Once the design has been decided it only takes a week to produce a prototype.

Although we'll use an existing product to determine the kind of display you're looking for the finished product will always be tailored to your requirements, and will take into account the price points of what you're selling. This way you can be sure that your display is going to have the optimal effect on your target audience.

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