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An attractive digital A Board display in a modern white finish. These commercial grade screens are battery powered so can be situated almost anywhere inside and do not require access to a plug! Perfect for shopping malls, exhibitions and pop-up shops.


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 Stand out from the crowd with this innovative digital advertising A Board.

These fantastic digital A Boards are completely battery powered so can be placed almost anywhere inside without the need of plug access. Locking castor wheels allow the unit to be moved to any location quickly and easily. 

The commercial grade battery provides you with over 12 hours of running time, and the charge level indicator comes in extremely handy telling you exactly how much charge you have left in your battery.

The digital screen display has a light sensor that changes the screens brightness depending on the ambient light, ensuring the most suitable brightness depending on environment. The A Board uses a LCD high brightness display panel making it ideal for brightly lit public areas.

This HD Freestanding display is quick and easy to use with its “Plug and Play” functionality. Simply load your pictures / video’s onto a USB stick and insert into the display. The data will be copied onto the internal memory and will be played on a continuous loop.

Thanks to the IPS technology these displays provide fantastic image quality with a remarkable viewing angle of 178 degrees in a portrait orientation.

Should you need to use the screen as a monitor you can connect it to an external source, like a PC or media player, using the HDMI input or the VGA and 3.5mm Audio Jack inputs.

Each screen is available with a selection of network options to allow you to have complete control over the content on the screen from one central location.  Simply log into the cloud software and update, plan and create content for each screen

  • No network option – update screen content directly from a USB or memory card
  • 1 year subscription – 1 year access to cloud based network management software
  • 3 year subscription – 3 year access to cloud based network management software
  • Lifetime subscription – lifetime access to cloud based network management software

What can I Display on a Digital Screen?

These freestanding digital A Boards are easy to use with the integrated “plug and play” function. Simply load your videos and images onto a USB stick and insert into the screen. All of the data will then be transferred onto the display’s 6GB internal memory and will then play the data on a continuous loop.

We also offer a networked option which allows you to have complete control over the content on the screen from one central location providing the screen and your computer have access to the internet. To update your content simply log into the cloud based software with the user login that we will provide you. This will then allow you to plan and create content for an individual screen or multiple screens. Upgrading to the network also unlocks new features such as;

  • Adding stylish backgrounds
  • Displaying various webpages
  • Display images and videos
  • Adding scrolling text
  • Displaying the date and time
  • The addition of a weather widget
  • Display your personalised logo
  • Adding static text
  • Displaying a live feed

Why Digital Signage?

These digital A Boards are the perfect solution to gain the attention of passing foot fall. The stylish digital displays enable you to generate your own content to engage customers and get your message across with bright images and videos, creating an eye-catching experience.

If your require any further information please get in touch with our sales team today on 01752 698720

Did you know that Luminati offer a full Installation service on this screen for an additional cost?

Contact us on 01752 698720 for more information.


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1 year network software, 3 year network software, Lifetime network software, Plug and Play (No network)

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Product Code Option Price
LQ55-01-00Digital A Board - Plug and Play (No network)£3,465.24
LQ55-01-00S1Digital A Board - 1 year network software£3,723.84
LQ55-01-00S3Digital A Board - 3 year network software£3,844.52
LQ55-01-00SLDigital A Board - Lifetime network software£4,034.16

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