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Display Cases

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  1. Stacking Cube Display
    Stacking Cube Display
    Stacking display cubes available with either a white or black base.  Great for retail display areas,...
    £295.36 £246.13
  2. Counter Showcases
    Counter Showcases
    Counter show cases for retail merchandising and product displays. The display cabinets are made in...
    £963.62 £803.02
  3. Retail Display Case
    Retail Display Case
    A retail display case on castors with a display area for small products or key promotional lines....
    £1,080.00 £900.00
  4. Tower Display Cabinet
    Tower Display Cabinet
    A tall glass display cabinet with additional storage at the base perfect for point of sale merchandising...
    £938.08 £781.73
  5. Pillow Retail Display Bin
    Pillow Retail Display Bin
    Attractive pillow retail display bin designed to hold multiple pillows for storage and display. A...
    £113.45 £94.54
  6. Display Cabinet with LEDLighting
    Display Cabinet with LEDLighting
    A floor standing glass display cabinet with adjustable display shelves and a fully adjustable halogen...
    £609.22 £507.68
  7. Large LED Display Cabinets
    Large LED Display Cabinets
    Large LED Illuminated Display Cabinets with full LED illumination across the entire cabinet. Perfect...
    £625.00 £520.83
  8. Illuminated Display Cabinets
    Illuminated Display Cabinets
    Illuminated LED back panel display cabinets in a selection of sizes. Aluminium profiled...
    £687.86 £573.22
  9. Display Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves
    Display Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves
    A stunning silver finish display cabinet with adjustable shelves, perfect for displaying a selection...
    £1,874.20 £1,561.83
  10. Collectors Wall Display Case
    Collectors Wall Display Case
    Collectors wall display case designed to house a number of collectable items. Multiple levels allow...
    £164.34 £136.95
  11. Glass Display Plinth Cabinet
    Glass Display Plinth Cabinet
    Popular display plinths with a toughened glass display case on the top perfect for product or artefacts...
    £1,122.90 £935.75
  12. Display Case Plinth
    Display Case Plinth
    Acrylic display case plinth available in various sizes and colours.  The display plinth has a clear...
    £122.20 £101.83
  13. Wall Mounted Easy Fix Display Case
    Wall Mounted Easy Fix Display Case
    A wall mounted acrylic display case which are easy to mount.  Effectively designed to display small...
    £50.34 £41.95
  14. Wall Mounted Jewellery Display Case
    Wall Mounted Jewellery Display Case
    A secure jewellery display case for wall mounting. Available in a black or white finish to display...
    £50.34 £41.95
  15. Jewellery Display Cabinet
    Jewellery Display Cabinet
    Circular jewellery display cabinet made from clear acrylic with perfect optical clarity.  Great for...
    £80.00 £66.67
  16. Retail Display Case with Coloured Base
    Retail Display Case with Coloured Base
    Product or model display case for promotions and key product lines.  Great for displaying products,...
    £29.78 £24.82
  17. Wood Finish Display Case with Slat Wall Back
    Wood Finish Display Case with Slat Wall Back
    A large wood finish display cabinet with a slat wall back panel and useful lockable storage in the...
    £2,089.79 £1,741.49
  18. Lockable Shoe Display Cubes
    Lockable Shoe Display Cubes
    Wall mounting lockable shoe display cube units for modern, creative displays of shoes or accessories....
    £817.80 £681.50
  19. Display Cabinet
    Display Cabinet
    A large floor standing high quality display cabinet which is popular in any retail area, reception...
    £1,895.77 £1,579.81
  20. Open Fronted Display Cabinet
    Open Fronted Display Cabinet
    A strong aluminium framed open front display cabinet with LED downlights perfect for retail environments...
    £2,241.55 £1,867.96
  21. Wall Mounting Display Cases
    Wall Mounting Display Cases
    Wall mounting display cases with attractive wood finish surrounds. The display case features a mirrored...
    £413.56 £344.63
  22. Acrylic Display Unit
    Acrylic Display Unit
    This acrylic display unit with two adjustable internal shelves is perfect for any counter top and...
    £49.99 £41.66
  23. Circular Display Case
    Circular Display Case
    A round display case for great visibility and is available to order with open access at the rear or...
    £80.00 £66.67
  24. Glass Display Cabinet with Storage
    Glass Display Cabinet with Storage
    A premium finish display cabinet made with toughened glass and an aluminium profile frame in either...
    £874.46 £728.72

Items 1-24 of 62

per page
A wide range of high quality Perspex and Acrylic display cases and cabinets at GREAT prices made by us in the UK . Freestanding and wall mounted display cabinets are designed for a wide range of purposes from retail display to bespoke cabinets for museums. We have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing exceptional display cabinets that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. As well as our Acrylic range of standard cabinets and model display cases we also sell a range of glass display cases with aluminium finish or black framework. If you need something that you can't see on this page then get in touch and we'll make it for you. Just call us on 01752 698720. Here's a bit more information about our range.

About our Display Cases and Cabinets range


Acrylic Display Cases and Cabinets

We use high quality acrylic in our display cabinets to ensure that we acheve a premium finish - clear acrylic display cases are as optically clear as glass.  Acrylic is often used in retail areas or public areas due to its safe properties - it will not shatter on impact like glass.

Looking for a Bespoke Cabinet?

Because we manufacture our cabinets in house we can make them exactly how you want them.  We can change the size, introduce frosting or coloured acrylic, add custom branding or even install lighting.  Low energy LED lights or track spotlights can create a striking visual impact when they are added to a display cabinet.  If you require a bespoke cabinet then get in touch with us on 01752 698720.

Discounts Available on Volume Orders

We're always looking to give our customers the best possible deal.  If you're looking to place a volume order we'll give you a discount - please contact us for a quotation.

Contact Us

If you would like to enquire about any of our products or services please fill in the form below or call us on 01752 698720.

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