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Freestanding Photo Frames

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  1. Bamboo Photo Frame
    Bamboo Photo Frame
    Stunning photo block frames made with a bamboo back panel for a beautiful rustic feel.  Modern magnetic...
    £13.43 £11.19
  2. Glitter Photo Frame
    Glitter Photo Frame
    A stunning gold glitter picture frame, made from 15mm thick clear acrylic and a beautiful gold glitter...
    £20.68 £17.23
  3. Acrylic Magnetic Photo Frame
    Acrylic Magnetic Photo Frame
    Acrylic magnetic photo block frames which are sized to be larger than the print size to give a clear...
    £4.40 £3.67
  4. Freestanding Acrylic Frame
    Freestanding Acrylic Frame
    Popular clear acrylic frames displayed with chrome finish supports for a modern, premium look. Available...
    £6.32 £5.27
  5. Freestanding Photo Frame
    Freestanding Photo Frame
    An elegant clear acrylic photo frame made in a purely transparent design for various sizes of pictures....
    £9.44 £7.87
  6. Desk Photo Frame
    Desk Photo Frame
    A popular desk photo frame with a choice of a black or white base. Perfect for displaying your favourite...
    £9.95 £8.29
  7. Printed Acrylic Photo Blocks
    Printed Acrylic Photo Blocks
    Printed acrylic photo blocks printed with your very own images! Perfect for family photo's or for...
    £16.74 £13.95
  8. Freestanding Magnetic Frame
    Freestanding Magnetic Frame
    A table top free standing magnetic frame in clear acrylic which can be used in either portrait or...
    £9.34 £7.78
  9. Clear Acrylic Frame
    Clear Acrylic Frame
    This double sided clear photo frame is perfect for displaying menus or information cards on counters...
    £8.99 £7.49
  10. Photo Frame
    Photo Frame
    A modern double sided photo frame with a choice of a black or white base. Slot a picture or poster...
    £15.31 £12.76
  11. Expressions Photo Frame
    Expressions Photo Frame
    Beautiful, elegant acrylic magnetic photo frames with black or white textured surrounds to create...
    £10.54 £8.78
  12. Black Acrylic Magnetic Photo Frame
    Black Acrylic Magnetic Photo Frame
    Acrylic magnetic photo frames with a gloss black back panel which naturally creates a modern black...
    £10.66 £8.88
  13. Double Sided Freestanding Photo Frame
    Double Sided Freestanding Photo Frame
    Double sided photo frame with 2 small acrylic feet for support.  Images can be quickly and easily...
    £5.47 £4.56
  14. Star Shaped Frames
    Star Shaped Frames
    An eye catching star shaped frame perfect for the display of photos or to create awards or trophies....
    £23.50 £19.58 As low as £27.35
  15. Prisma Photo Frame - Copper
    Prisma Photo Frame - Copper
    A modern Umbra photo frame crafted from a combination of copper and glass to display a favourite picture....
    £10.45 £8.71
  16. Prisma Photo Frame - Chrome
    Prisma Photo Frame - Chrome
    Chrome finish Umbra Prisma photo frame made in a combination of chrome and glass. Simply place your...
    £10.45 £8.71
  17. Prisma Photo Frame - Black
    Prisma Photo Frame - Black
    A modern floating effect photo frame in a unique 3D prism design. The black prism frame houses two...
    £9.25 £7.71
  18. Prisma Photo Frame - White
    Prisma Photo Frame - White
    A modern white and glass prism design frame from Umbra.  Select from a 7 x 5 inch or 6 x 4 inch frame...
    £10.45 £8.71
  19. Glass Photo Frame
    Glass Photo Frame
    A stylish cost effective glass photo frame with a black border which gives your picture a modern surround.
    £3.10 £2.58
  20. Angled Clear Photo Frame
    Angled Clear Photo Frame
    An elegant clear acrylic photo frame which is supported in a reclined position by a discreet clear...
    £19.31 £16.09
  21. Curved Design Graphics Holder
    Curved Design Graphics Holder
    An elegant curved design poster, menu or graphics holder with a premium metal silver finish base available...
    £17.58 £14.65
  22. Panoramic Image Holder
    Panoramic Image Holder
    A versatile image holder which can be used to frame panoramic photos or to display graphics or signs...
    £21.72 £18.10
  23. Magnetic Display Blocks
    Magnetic Display Blocks
    Solid acrylic magnetic display blocks available in almost any size and shape. Perfect for displaying...
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  24. Acrylic Photo Block
    Acrylic Photo Block
    Acrylic block photo frames with a silver finish back panel. The 18mm deep frame has is secured together...
    £8.30 £6.92

Items 1-24 of 31

per page

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