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  1. Photo Frame Easel Stand
    Photo Frame Easel Stand
    Clear acrylic easel stand for the display of picture frames, art canvas boards or prints. Modern,...
    £33.65 £28.04 As low as £36.46
  2. Floorstanding Frame Display Stand
    Floorstanding Frame Display Stand
    A floor standing easel display stand for picture frames, art and large mounted prints.   Made in...
    £260.90 £217.42
  3. Large Floor Standing Frame Easel
    Large Floor Standing Frame Easel
    A large clear acrylic floor standing easel for the eye catching display of large prints, artwork or...
    £220.60 £183.83
  4. Miniature Easel
    Miniature Easel
    Miniature easel made entirely from clear acrylic.  A beautiful, classic design in miniature! Extremely...
    £11.40 £9.50
  5. Flat Pack Frame Easels
    Flat Pack Frame Easels
    A beautiful yet simple design that displays photo frames or information in a neat and modern way....
    £8.42 £7.02
  6. Acrylic Photo Frame Easel Display Stand
    Acrylic Photo Frame Easel Display Stand
    Clear acrylic photo frame easel stand, great for displaying multiple images in a retail environment....
    £27.31 £22.76 As low as £28.44
  7. Frosted Perspex Art Display Easel
    Frosted Perspex Art Display Easel
    Sleek and elegant art display easel made from high quality frosted perspex acrylic with clear acrylic...
    £302.41 £252.01 As low as £300.29
  8. Floorstanding Frame Easel
    Floorstanding Frame Easel
    Floorstanding frame easel made from a glass effect acrylic which gives a beautiful green tint to the...
    £231.68 £193.07 As low as £256.80
  9. Display Easels
    Display Easels
    A clear acrylic easel display stand ideal for displaying prints, picture frames and artwork. Designed...
    £25.82 £21.52 As low as £12.17

9 Items

per page

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