Freestanding Ultra High Brightness Digital Screen

Floorstanding Ultra High brightness digital display screen designed for use in direct sunlight such as window displays. These commercial grade advertising screens have an impressive sunlight readable panel which has been designed for 24/7 use. 


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46 Inch Freestanding Sunlight readable digital advertising screen, perfect for use in areas that have direct sunlight.

These display screens boasts from many impressive features including;

  • White Stylish Enclosure
  • Sunlight Readable Panel – 2500 cd/m2
  • Advanced Temperature Control System.
  • Eco Friendly Power Timer
  • Ultra-Resistant Blackening 110°C
  • 24/7 Usage
  • Integrated Speakers

Network Options;

  • No network software – plug and play
  • 1 year network software
  • 3 year network software
  • Lifetime network software

CMS Upgrade Features:

  • Backgrounds- Set an image or colour to frame your adverts
  • Webpages- Display a live webpage
  • Logo- Brand your layout with your logo
  • Date and time- Display in various formats, sizes and colours.
  • Weather- Display a real time weather forecast for up to the next 3 days.
  • Scrolling Text- Adjust the font, size, speed and direction of the text.
  • Images- Multiple images displaying on a continuous loop
  • Videos- Multiple videos playing on a continuous loop.

What can I Display on a Digital Advertising Screen?

Our standard plug and play (no network) option available allows you to display your images and videos on a continuous loop. Also included is a free scheduling software that allows you to display different content at different times of the day, perfect for restaurants, cafes and more.

Alternatively if you select our cloud management system network upgraded option this provdes lots of additional features. To be able to use these features you will need to select a network subscription and when the screen is installed it must have an internet connection, this will then allow you to log into our CMS portal and remotely update your media via the cloud directly to the screen allowing you complete control over the content that you want to display.

Where can Digital Signage be Used?

These High brightness displays have been designed and manufactured for indoor usage in direct sunlight such as window displays. With a brightness of 2500 cd/m2 they are 10 times brighter than your average TV. When dealing with direct sunlight most LCD displays will be very dull and will overheat which then causes blackening on the panel. We use a special ultra-high brightness panel that can withstand temperatures up to 110°C without damaging the display. These displays are perfect for use in high footfall areas such as Shopping malls, information points, service stations and more.

4G Options available- contact a member of our sales team on 01752 698720 for more information

Additional information


Floor Standing

Network option

1 year network software, 3 year network software, Lifetime network software, Plug and Play (No network)

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Product Code Option Price
LQ56-01-00Freestanding Ultra High Brightness Digital Screen - Plug and Play (No network)£3,716.65
LQ56-01-01S1Freestanding Ultra High Brightness Digital Screen - 1 year network software£3,986.25
LQ56-01-01S3Freestanding Ultra High Brightness Digital Screen - 3 year network software£4,112.04
LQ56-01-01SLFreestanding Ultra High Brightness Digital Screen - Lifetime network software£4,309.74

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