Acrylic Lecterns

Acrylic & Perspex Lecterns

Acrylic Lecterns

Uses of an Acrylic Lectern?

Our fantastic range of acrylic lecterns is perfect for many different uses.  We have a wide range of designs suitable for use as:-

Customisable Perspex Lecterns

Alongside our standard acrylic lectern range, we also offer a bespoke customisation service, which can be used to customise any of our many designs or can be used to design and manufacture a lectern to your exact specifications. We can incorporate multimedia, microphone mounts, lighting and illumination, digital screens and tables and much more.

  • Choose to have your logo printed onto our lecterns
  • Choose your corporate colour to be printed onto the lectern
  • Change the size; height, width, depth and shape of the lecterns.

Our acrylic lecterns are expertly made using the highest quality materials.  Our design and manufacturing facility is in Devon, England and everything is expertly produced here on-site.