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  1. Childrens School Presentation Lectern
    Childrens School Presentation Lectern
    From: £491.16 £409.30
  2. Table Top School Lecterns
    Table Top School Lecterns
    From: £29.63 £24.69
  3. Desktop Lectern with Logo Fascia
    Desktop Lectern with Logo Fascia
    From: £39.96 £33.30
  4. Branded Adjustable Presentation Podium
    Branded Adjustable Presentation Podium
    £367.04 £305.87
  5. White Lectern
    White Lectern
    £196.00 £163.33
  6. Brochure Display Lectern
    Brochure Display Lectern
    £294.79 £245.66 As low as £310.09
  7. Tiptoe Lectern
    Tiptoe Lectern
    Call For Price

    Call to speak to the team 01752 698720

  8. DJ Booth
    DJ Booth
    From: £390.10 £325.08
  9. Lectern With Illuminated Etched Logo
    Lectern With Illuminated Etched Logo
    From: £372.77 £310.64
  10. Acrylic Presentation Lectern
    Acrylic Presentation Lectern
    From: £403.88 £336.57
  11. Premium Acrylic Multimedia Lectern
    Premium Acrylic Multimedia Lectern
    From: £1,041.07 £867.56
  12. Lightweight Acrylic Lectern
    Lightweight Acrylic Lectern
    From: £124.40 £103.67
  13. Branded Lecterns with optional Tablet Holder
    Branded Lecterns with optional Tablet Holder
    From: £366.88 £305.73
  14. Lecterns for Presentations
    Lecterns for Presentations
    From: £366.88 £305.73
  15. Horizon Hotel Lectern
    Horizon Hotel Lectern
    From: £305.71 £254.76
  16. Horizon Silver Lectern
    Horizon Silver Lectern
    From: £305.71 £254.76
  17. Contour Lectern
    Contour Lectern
    From: £747.17 £622.64
  18. Conference Lectern
    Conference Lectern
    From: £324.73 £270.61
  19. Portable Presentation Lectern
    Portable Presentation Lectern
    From: £390.10 £325.08
  20. Horizon Lectern
    Horizon Lectern
    From: £305.71 £254.76
  21. Jubilee Lectern
    Jubilee Lectern
    From: £173.50 £144.58
  22. Countertop Browser
    Countertop Browser
    From: £29.74 £24.78
  23. Podium Lectern
    Podium Lectern
    From: £462.19 £385.16
  24. Album or Book Display
    Album or Book Display
    From: £31.48 £26.23

Items 25-48 of 64

per page

Custom Made Premium Lecterns

Customise a standard Lectern product to your dimensions, made from various materials, with integrated technology.

Audio Visual

Add microphones, screen prompts and laptop connections.


Brand your lectern with your choice of graphics, engraving or printing.

Control Panel

Add custom ports or HDMI / USB sockets for additional communication.

Variable Dimensions

Various sizes and styles available, work with us to design your custom lectern.


Luminati offer an exceptional range of acrylic and wood lecterns in both modern and traditional designs.  Currently thechurch lectern is our most popular product in this range.  From large podiums and pulpits to portable desktop lecterns, we can supply the right product for you.

What type of lectern should I choose?

An acrylic or Perspex lectern is a perfect addition to any modern church, board room or lecture hall. Clear lecterns are commonly used at corporate events and presentations as the transparency of the lectern does not create a barrier between the speaker and the audience.  The sleek modern design of our lecterns fits perfectly into many corporate or university settings.

Wooden Lecterns are a popular choice for more traditional churches or lecture halls. As well as floor standing wood lecterns we also sell a popular folding table top lectern which is easily portable and comes with it's own travel case.

Can I customise my product?

Yes you can.  Luminati offer a bespoke service so we can create the perfect lectern for you.  The coloured acrylic panels in our lectern allow for the appearance to be changed easily and for logos, text or imagery to be added.  Call us on 01752 698720 to enquire about our bespoke service.


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