Countertop POS Displays

Countertop POS Displays

Countertop POS Displays

A range of counter top display units designed to display large and small products. Adding countertop displays to your space is a great way to promote impulse purchases and maximise your product’s visibility – improving both sales and customer experience. Our countertop display units are perfect for bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and any retail stores.

Luminati offers eye-catching units to display small items such as gift cards, beauty products, jewelry, and other merchandise items. Tier designs are also available to provide a space-saving solution, a perfect choice for small spaces such as coffee shops & convenience stores! For larger items, our selection of acrylic display cases and display boxes are perfect for displaying your products whilst keeping them protected from dust.

All our countertop display units are durable as they are made from strong materials such as wood, metal, glass, and premium- quality acrylic. Certain products can be customised to add features such as branding and lighting.

Counter Top Displays for Beauty and Cosmetics

Showcase your best-sellers and new arrivals with a countertop display unit. This is a great way to maximize the aesthetic of your products and give them a more premium look. Counter top displays are also a great way to entice customers to try or test products such as perfumes and make-up and skincare products!

Counter Top Displays for Bars and Restaurants

Luminati offers a range of counter top displays for the Hospitality industry such as menu holders, table talkers, leaflet holders, bottle displays, and express hotel checkout key drop box. We also offer food display units made from clear acrylic material to allow visibility of the products whilst protecting them from any virus.

Retails Stores

Our counter top display units are able to hold a wide range of merchandising products which includes sunglasses, brochures, product glorifies and rotating displays to allow more products to be displayed without utilising so much space.

Customise a Counter Top Display to meet your corporate requirements:

  • Add your brand logo/ artwork
  • Choose a different material or colour
  • Choose the right size for your retail space

Shop from our extensive range of counter top displays and get free shipping on orders over £100. To discuss your options or inquiries for any type of counter display, please contact our customer service team at: [email protected]