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Counter Displays

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  1. Headphone Stand or Headset Holder
    Headphone Stand or Headset Holder
    An acrylic headphone stand or headset holder available in a selection of colours. Popular for headphone...
    £21.46 £17.88
  2. POS Information or Menu Holders
    POS Information or Menu Holders
    Point of Sale information or menu holders made from clear acrylic for an premium yet cost effective...
    £3.94 £3.28
  3. Image or Menu Holder
    Image or Menu Holder
    Simply stylish holders with a brushed stainless steel base and perfect for menus or printed information...
    £12.95 £10.79
  4. Glass Sneeze Guard
    Glass Sneeze Guard
    Versatile glass sneeze guard for use in either orientation. Great for coffee shops, food markets...
    £507.49 £422.91
  5. Plinth Display Case
    Plinth Display Case
    A versatile display case on a plinth perfect for showing off a collection or key products in a gallery...
    £444.12 £370.10
  6. Acrylic Photo Block
    Acrylic Photo Block
    Acrylic block photo frames with a silver finish back panel. The 18mm deep frame has is secured together...
    £8.30 £6.92
  7. Clear Acrylic Frame
    Clear Acrylic Frame
    This double sided clear photo frame is perfect for displaying menus or information cards on counters...
    £8.99 £7.49
  8. Jewellery Tree
    Jewellery Tree
    Acrylic jewellery tree to hold and display necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Modern design,...
    £7.09 £5.91
  9. Necklace Display Stands
    Necklace Display Stands
    Necklace display busts for jewellery shop window or cabinet displays. Available in either black or...
    £11.21 £9.34
  10. Flat Pack Podium Plinth
    Flat Pack Podium Plinth
    A display podium in a flat pack design for use as a plinth at exhibitions or mobile retail displays....
    £58.18 £48.48
  11. Counter Display Plinths
    Counter Display Plinths
    Counter Display plinths available in various colours and with logo if required. Perfect for retail...
    £44.11 £36.76
  12. Stepped Product Displays
    Stepped Product Displays
    Stepped product displays designed and manufactured from frosted acrylic. Perfect for displaying many...
    £94.99 £79.16
  13. Shirt Display Stand
    Shirt Display Stand
    Shirt display stand, perfect for use in a retail setting to display folded shirts. Made from premium...
    £15.11 £12.59
  14. Perfume Bottle Retail Display
    Perfume Bottle Retail Display
    Premium acrylic perfume bottle retail display. Made from gold effect, silver effect or white acrylic...
    £18.22 £15.18
  15. Product Glorifier Unit
    Product Glorifier Unit
    Product glorifier display unit with a poster trap to enable you to insert and change easily printed...
    £14.68 £12.23
  16. Cosmetic Display Stand
    Cosmetic Display Stand
    Cosmetic Display Stand with 3 display shelves and a storage cupboard underneath. Great for cosmetics,...
    £566.06 £471.72
  17. Printed Acrylic Blocks
    Printed Acrylic Blocks
    Printed acrylic blocks for retail displays, brand signs and product promotion. Premium clear or coloured...
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  18. Shelf Merchandiser Display
    Shelf Merchandiser Display
    Shelf merchandiser display perfect for promoting products and product ranges. Designed to sit onto...
    £15.68 £13.07
  19. Promotional Counter Merchandisers
    Promotional Counter Merchandisers
    Simple yet effective counter display merchandisers which allow you to change the printed promotional...
    £12.49 £10.41
  20. POS Poster Displays
    POS Poster Displays
    Point of Sale poster holders to display promotions, offers and information at any point in the retail...
    £10.07 £8.39
  21. Glasses or Safety Goggles Wall Unit
    Glasses or Safety Goggles Wall Unit
    Safety goggle wall unit to store safety glasses and goggles. Perfect for warehouses and workshops...
    £171.64 £143.03
  22. Rotating POS Display
    Rotating POS Display
    Brilliantly designed rotating POS display with 4 interchangeable faces for quick and easy updating...
    £21.25 £17.71
  23. Ballot Box
    Ballot Box
    Ballot box available in several different colours. Perfect for collecting ballot information cards,...
    £50.41 £42.01
  24. Glove Display Stand
    Glove Display Stand
    Clear acrylic hand for displaying gloves in Adult and Child sizes. Realistic hand shape displays...
    £6.66 £5.55

Items 25-48 of 307

per page

A range of counter display products ranging from menu holders and price ticket items through to suggestion boxes and acrylic promotional display blocks.

Other products include leaflet dispensers, counter merchandisers, jewellery and product display stands.

Luminati have a range of point of sale counter displays, made in primarily in acrylic to create long lasting eyecatching units.

All of our standard counter display products can be customised in size or colour to ensure that they meet corporate requirements if desired.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss options and prices for any type of counter displays.


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