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Counter Displays

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  1. Wall Mounted Brochure Dispenser
    Wall Mounted Brochure Dispenser
    Wall mounting brochure dispensers to display leaflets or brochures in a neat and compact holder. Supplied...
    £12.72 £10.60
  2. Retail Display Bridges
    Retail Display Bridges
    Stacking Retail Display Bridges available in a set of 3. Perfect for display in retail environments,...
    £177.23 £147.69
  3. Counter Top iPad Holder
    Counter Top iPad Holder
    Countertop iPad holder available in a white or black finish. Perfect for retail environments, libraries,...
    £94.15 £78.46
  4. Branding Block Graphic Display
    Branding Block Graphic Display
    A double sided block display frame made in clear acrylic throughout and displayed on a fixed base,...
    £8.70 £7.25
  5. Food Covers
    Food Covers
    Modern square shaped clear acrylic food covers to neatly sit alongside each other on a counter and...
    £14.11 £11.76
  6. Pick and Mix - gravity feed dispenser
    Pick and Mix - gravity feed dispenser
    Pick and mix sweet dispensers for confectionery displays. Made in a clear acrylic in a gravity feed...
    £25.98 £21.65
  7. Rotating Jewellery Display Unit
    Rotating Jewellery Display Unit
    Rotating jewellery display unit with 4 faces to hold multiple items of jewellery. Designed in a white...
    £111.24 £92.70
  8. Jewellery Display Stand
    Jewellery Display Stand
    Jewellery display stand designed to perfectly display necklaces and earrings on one beautifully shaped...
    £4.46 £3.72
  9. Necklace Display Bust
    Necklace Display Bust
    Necklace display bust available in a selection of colours. A great way to display your necklaces...
    £15.42 £12.85
  10. Rotating Counter Displays
    Rotating Counter Displays
    Rotating counter display stands for eye catching and compact displays of products perfect for counter...
    £31.25 £26.04
  11. Earring Display Stands
    Earring Display Stands
    Earring display stands for retail displays in a cabinet or window. These multi hole earring holders...
    £9.24 £7.70
  12. Necklace Displays
    Necklace Displays
    Necklace display stands for simply effective and eye catching window and jewellery cabinet displays....
    £4.10 £3.42
  13. Information Browser
    Information Browser
    Information browser designed to hold pages of information on a ring binder for easy access and simple...
    £18.88 £15.73
  14. Countertop Browser
    Countertop Browser
    An information browser for holding catalogue pages or information sheets on a counter top for customers...
    £29.74 £24.78
  15. Ladder Display Shelving
    Ladder Display Shelving
    Modern and contemporary clear acrylic ladder style display shelving. The transparent nature of this...
    £137.62 £114.68
  16. Branding Block with Graphics Slot
    Branding Block with Graphics Slot
    Solid acrylic branding block with graphics slot to insert your business card, printed graphic or pricing...
    £13.50 £11.25
  17. Counter Sneeze Guards
    Counter Sneeze Guards
    The combination of clear acrylic panels within aluminium supports make this food sneeze screen a popular...
    £60.34 £50.28
  18. Wall Mounting Ballot Box
    Wall Mounting Ballot Box
    Wall mounting lockable ballot boxes perfect for collecting suggestion card, competition entries or...
    £47.41 £39.51
  19. Counter Display Unit
    Counter Display Unit
    Double Sided Counter Display Unit with Eurohooks for products. Great for product merchandising on...
    £43.97 £36.64
  20. Collection Box
    Collection Box
    A floor standing collection box perfect for retail stores, exhibitions or galleries available in either...
    £120.34 £100.28
  21. Suggestion Boxes
    Suggestion Boxes
    A 200mm square suggestion box with a removable base for easy access ideal for retail counters, exhibitions...
    £18.00 £15.00
  22. Food Screens
    Food Screens
    These sneeze screens or food guards or designed and made to ensure that they have maximum strength...
    £68.95 £57.46
  23. Menu Holder
    Menu Holder
    A stylish table top menu holder to hold menus or a promotional message printed poster. Made with...
    £23.26 £19.38
  24. Floorstanding Suggestion Box
    Floorstanding Suggestion Box
    A popular floor standing suggestion box with a sturdy base. Suitable for the collection of suggestion...
    £130.81 £109.01

Items 73-96 of 307

per page

A range of counter display products ranging from menu holders and price ticket items through to suggestion boxes and acrylic promotional display blocks.

Other products include leaflet dispensers, counter merchandisers, jewellery and product display stands.

Luminati have a range of point of sale counter displays, made in primarily in acrylic to create long lasting eyecatching units.

All of our standard counter display products can be customised in size or colour to ensure that they meet corporate requirements if desired.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss options and prices for any type of counter displays.


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