Coloured Acrylic Lectern

Coloured acrylic lectern available in a choice of striking, bright colours combined with crystal clear acrylic. Perfect for schools, universities and theatres for presentations and lectures. A popular modern eye catching Perspex presentation lectern.


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Take centre stage with this stunning coloured acrylic lectern – guaranteed to grab the attention of your audience and keep them focused on your lecture.

This spectacular, eye-catching design is straight out of the pages of a style bible.

Contemporary and bold, the striking use of a primary colour in the central upright panels is offset by a ‘floating’ lectern effect, achieved by using clear acrylic for the angled book platform.

The curved inner panels are also interchangeable, so you can purchase additional colours and mix and match them if desired.

A dramatic, statement lectern that captures the audiences’ attention from the moment they enter the hall.

  • Crystal clear acrylic outer panels, base and book platform.
  • Vibrant colour centre panels are interchangeable
  • Overall height 1223mm
  • 1027mm high (to the base of the book platform)
  • 500mm square angled book platform
  • Optional glass holder option (which includes a glass to fit perfectly)
  • Available in a selection of colours including lime green, pink, violet and black

The secret to a successful lecture is to capture your audience from the moment they sit down.

This coloured acrylic lectern does the job for you.

Top quality aluminium fittings support and space the panels, giving the structure rigidity and robustness, but the clever combination of coloured and clear panels makes it appear to ‘float’ in mid-air.

If you would like to add holes to the lectern in order to fit your own microphones we can do this for a small additional fee. Speak to the sales team today on 01752 698720.

Additional information


Floor Standing

Suitable for







Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Violet, White, Yellow

Colour Finish

Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, lime green, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White


with additional glass holder, without a glass holder

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Product Code Option Price
LK13-01-11Coloured Acrylic Lectern£1,018.80
LK13-01-05Coloured Acrylic Lectern£1,018.80
LK13-01-06Coloured Acrylic Lectern£1,018.80
LK13-01-08Coloured Acrylic Lectern£1,018.80
LK13-01-09Coloured Acrylic Lectern£1,018.80
LK13-01-03Coloured Acrylic Lectern£1,018.80
LK13-01-02Coloured Acrylic Lectern£1,018.80
LK13-01-07Coloured Acrylic Lectern£1,018.80
LK13-01-12Coloured Acrylic Lectern£1,018.80
LK13-01-12GHColoured Acrylic Lectern£1,066.52
LK13-01-02GHColoured Acrylic Lectern£1,066.52
LK13-01-11GHColoured Acrylic Lectern£1,066.52
LK13-01-03GHColoured Acrylic Lectern£1,066.52
LK13-01-09GHColoured Acrylic Lectern£1,066.52
LK13-01-08GHColoured Acrylic Lectern£1,066.52
LK13-01-06GHColoured Acrylic Lectern£1,066.52
LK13-01-05GHColoured Acrylic Lectern£1,066.52
LK13-01-07GHColoured Acrylic Lectern£1,066.52

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