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Magnetic Photo Frames

Magnetic Frames

Here at Luminati, we offer a wide range of magnetic photo frames mainly made from crystal clear acrylic material. Choose a stunning, super-functional acrylic frame to display a range of items such as photographs, restaurant menus, retail posters, and more.

Our magnetic photo fame range is popular for:

  • displaying notices and food menu
  • holding awards at corporate events
  • displaying family photos and portraits at home
  • holding artwork or posters

Our acrylic frames are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials. They are available in a selection of colours and standard print sizes such as A4, A5, A6, 6 X 4 inches & more.

Magnetic Photo Frames for Bar and Restaurant

Our countertop magnetic display frames are popular for holding menus in bars and restaurants as they are durable, clear, and easy to clean. The additional magnet on the panel makes it easier to change the printed inserts, so menus and information display can be updated whenever required. These frames are also freestanding so they can easily be moved around and displayed without any fixtures.

Magnetic Card or Ticket Holder Frame

We offer magnetic display block frames that can hold tickets, business cards, and membership cards. These frames are made of acrylic material with a magnetic surface, sandwiching the printed display safely inside. It’s an elegant way of displaying business cards during an exhibition or even on your day-to-day operation on a retail checkout counter and reception desks. This collection is also ideal for holding price information beside any point of sale display as the magnets allow the inserts to be changed quickly and easily.

Freestanding Magnetic Picture Frame

Our frames are not only popular as a point-of-sale display, but they are also popular for home use! If you want a unique way of displaying your family photos and portrait at home, our freestanding photo frame is a great product to go for. You can simply slide in any photographs and change them hassle-free. The double-sided freestanding photo frames are ideal for displaying two images and can be displayed in a landscape or portrait orientation. All frames are designed elegantly and with a modern look which can make a huge impact on any space!

We also offer a range of customised engraved and encapsulated branding blocks that are perfect for corporate awards. Shop from our range of magnetic frames and get free shipping on any orders over £100. Tiered pricing/ volume discounts are also available!

Can’t find the right product for you? You can customise our standard frames or branding blocks to suit any use or occasion by adding a corporate logo, and changing the size, shape, and colours!

For more information, please contact our sales team today at 01752698720  or email them at [email protected]