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Create the ultimate Immersive Experience To Captivate Your Customers with high resolution digital Screens and interactive displays.


Digital advertising screens have the ability to completely transform your business interior and exterior, creating a dynamic and captivating environment.

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High brightness screens are designed to combat sunlight and ambient lighting, ensuring that your content remains visible even in bright outdoor environments. If you are placing your screen outdoors, in a window display or in an area that gets a lot of light, you will need a high brightness screen to enable people to see your content. 

For a more detailed explanation on high brightness screens, please take a look at our blog.

Plug & play screens allow you to upload your content via usb or external hard drive whereas networked digital screen is a type of digital signage that is connected to a network, allowing for remote management and control. Take a look at our blog which explains in greater detail as well as provides pros and cons for both options.

Yes you can if you are using our cloud management system but not with the plug and play option.

We can do custom sizes depending on the type of screen you require and only for a large production run of units. Please contact our sales team for more information.  

Yes, we do offer a bulk discount – please contact our sales team for a quotation.  

We can deliver overseas but will need to provide you with a quotation for delivery. Please contact our team for more information.  

Our standard despatch time is 2 – 3 working days from receipt of payment. This will differ for large quantities or custom sized orders. 

You have 14 days to return the screen in its original packaging and box and will be required to cover the cost of return. Digital Screens will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. 

Lifetime Support

We have a dedicated team to provide lifetime technical support, project support and training.

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Free UK shipping & aboard shipping available - customs and duties taxes included.

Quality Technology

High resolution, immersive digital display solutions that stand the test of time.

Why High Brightness?

A high brightness digital display becomes a necessity when you require optimal visibility and legibility of content in bright environments. These displays are specifically designed to overcome the challenges posed by sunlight, glare, and high ambient lighting conditions, ensuring that your message or information remains vivid and easily readable.

Outdoor Advertising

In outdoor environments, such as street advertising, transportation hubs, or outdoor events, a high brightness display is necessary to combat the bright sunlight and ensure that the content remains clearly visible to passersby.

Retail Store Windows

When showcasing products or promotions in store windows, a high brightness display is essential to attract the attention of potential customers passing by, even in well-lit areas.

Public Information Displays

Train stations, airports, bus stops, and other public areas often have high ambient light levels. A high brightness display ensures that important information, such as schedules, directions, or announcements, is easily readable by the public.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Trade show booths and exhibition displays are often set up in well-lit venues with numerous lighting sources. To make sure that the displayed content stands out and grabs the attention of attendees, a high brightness display is necessary.

Outdoor Menus and Drive-Thrus

Restaurants with outdoor seating or drive-thru facilities require high brightness displays to ensure legibility of menus and promotional content, even during daylight hours or when exposed to direct sunlight.

Sports Arenas and Stadiums

In large outdoor stadiums or arenas, high brightness displays are used for advertising, scoreboards, and providing real-time information to spectators, compensating for the bright lighting conditions.

What Features Make A High Brightness Digital Display?

A high brightness digital display is needed in various situations where the ambient light conditions pose a challenge to the visibility of the screen.A high brightness display typically incorporates several features to ensure optimal performance in bright environments. Here are some common features found in high brightness displays:

High brightness displays are characterized by their elevated luminance levels, usually measured in nits or candelas per square meter (cd/m²). These displays have significantly higher brightness levels compared to standard displays, often ranging from 700 cd/m² to 3000 cd/m² or more, enabling clear visibility even in bright lighting conditions.

High brightness displays are designed to combat the challenges posed by direct sunlight. They feature enhanced sunlight readability, which involves improved contrast ratios, anti-glare or anti-reflective coatings, and adaptive brightness adjustments to ensure the content remains visible and legible under direct sunlight.

High brightness displays typically offer a wide viewing angle, ensuring that the content can be viewed clearly from various positions and perspectives. This feature is crucial in environments where people may view the display from different angles or distances.

Given their intended use in outdoor or high-traffic areas, high-brightness displays often feature a robust and durable construction. They are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, temperature variations, dust, moisture, and other environmental factors. This includes rugged enclosures, weatherproof ratings (such as IP65), and strengthened glass panels to protect the display.

To maintain optimal performance and longevity, high-brightness displays incorporate efficient thermal management systems. These systems use internal fans, heat sinks, or air-conditioning mechanisms to dissipate heat generated by the display’s components, ensuring they operate within safe temperature ranges even in extended usage.

High-brightness displays typically provide a range of connectivity options to accommodate different devices and sources. This can include HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and USB ports to connect various multimedia devices, media players, or content sources.

Despite their high brightness capabilities, many high-brightness displays strive to maintain energy efficiency. They may incorporate technologies such as LED backlighting, automatic brightness adjustment based on ambient light conditions, or energy-saving power management features.

VESA Mounting System

VESA Explained:The VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association)mounting system is a widely recognised and utilised standard for mounting displays, including advertising screens. Understanding the importance and benefits of the VESA mounting system is essential for ensuring proper installation and optimal performance of advertising screens.The VESA mounting system establishes a set of standards for the hole patterns on the back of displays, enabling compatibility with various mounting brackets and arms. These standardised hole patterns, measured in millimetres, allow for easy attachment and secure mounting of displays onto different surfaces.

Flexibility & Versatility

With VESA-compliant mounts, advertising screens can be easily installed and positioned in different orientations, such as landscape or portrait, depending on the desired display setup.

Enhanced Aesthetics

The VESA mounting system offers a sleek and seamless installation, minimising the visual impact of mounting hardware and creating a clean and professional appearance.

Space Optimisation

VESA-compliant mounts enable efficient use of space by allowing displays to be mounted on walls, ceilings, or even incorporated into video wall configurations, maximising visibility and impact.

Adjustable Viewing Angles

VESA-compatible mounts provide the flexibility to adjust the tilt, swivel, and height of advertising screens, ensuring optimal viewing angles and improved user experience.

Common VESA Mounting Patterns

The VESA standard includes various hole pattern sizes, shown here.Understanding these patterns helps in selecting the appropriate mount for specific advertising screens.Matching VESA Mounting Patterns: It is crucial to ensure that the VESA mounting pattern of the advertising screen aligns with the pattern supported by the chosen mount, ensuring a secure and stable installation.

This pattern features four mounting holes spaced 75 millimetres apart both horizontally and vertically. It is commonly found on smaller-sized displays.

Similar to the 75×75 mm pattern, this pattern also has four mounting holes spaced 100 millimetres apart both horizontally and vertically. It is widely used for medium-sized displays.

This pattern consists of four mounting holes spaced 200 millimetres apart both horizontally and vertically. It is often utilised for larger-sized displays.

With eight mounting holes arranged in a square shape, this pattern has a spacing of 400 millimetres between them both horizontally and vertically. It is commonly employed for larger screens and TVs.

This pattern features eight mounting holes arranged in a rectangular shape, with a spacing of 600 millimetres horizontally and 400 millimetres vertically. It is frequently used for larger displays and televisions.

Lifetime Support

We have a dedicated team to provide lifetime technical support, project support and training.

Quality Technology

High resolution, immersive digital display solutions that stand the test of time.

Free UK Shipping

Free UK shipping & aboard shipping available - customs and duties taxes included.

Features & Connectivity

Welcome to the world of vibrant, interactive, and compelling digital communication. Our digital advertising displays are meticulously designed to seamlessly blend with today's fast-paced, technology-driven society.Our dynamic displays offer a diverse range of features and connectivity options, all engineered to revolutionise the way you advertise. They are more than just displays - they're immersive experiences that captivate audiences, inviting them to engage with your brand in new and exciting ways. On this page, we'll be diving into the various features and connectivity options that make our digital advertising displays stand out.

24/7 Commercial Use

Equipped with a commercial-grade LCD panel and LED backlight, our displays are designed for round-the-clock use. With the capacity to function continuously for over 70,000 hours, these resilient displays are devoid of any external buttons or controls to prevent unauthorised access or tampering.

Plug & Play

Our Plug and Play feature simplifies content uploads. All you need to do is load your images and videos onto a USB stick, insert it into the display, and watch as your content comes to life in an endless loop. It's digital advertising made easy.

Wide Viewing Angle

Leveraging IPS technology, our displays offer outstanding image quality with an impressive 178° viewing angle in both landscape and portrait orientations. This feature ensures your message is clear and compelling from virtually any perspective.

Real-time Updates From Anywhere, Anytime

With our Networking feature, you can refresh your content instantly from anywhere in the world, without needing any special software or a dedicated PC. Just log in to our online portal, and you can update your screens with an active internet connection.

Harmonised Display Synchronisation

Our Multi Screen Synchronisation feature allows you to create visually captivating content across multiple displays, or simply synchronise your menus to change simultaneously. This seamless integration ensures your messaging is consistent and impactful across all platforms.






Lifetime Support

We have a dedicated team to provide lifetime technical support, project support and training.

Quality Technology

High resolution, immersive digital display solutions that stand the test of time.

Free UK Shipping

Free UK shipping & aboard shipping available - customs and duties taxes included.


At Luminati, we have absolute confidence in the quality of our products, and we demonstrate this belief with robust guarantee offerings. Each of our commercial display products is designed to endure, and to prove our commitment, we include a 3-year commercial guarantee as standard with every product purchased. This guarantee is our assurance to you that our products are free from manufacturing defects in both material and workmanship under normal use and service.

3 Year Standard Warranty

Our standard 3-year commercial guarantee covers repair or replacement of the product, ensuring that any issues arising during this period, which are not due to misuse or abnormal wear and tear, are completely managed by us. This is a testament to our faith in the durability and reliability of our products, as well as our dedication to providing our clients with a seamless and trouble-free experience.

5 Year Extended Warranty

Our 5-year extended guarantee incorporates all the benefits of our standard guarantee, safeguarding your product's longevity and our continued support. We are committed to upholding our products' high performance throughout this period and beyond.

Lifetime Support

We have a dedicated team to provide lifetime technical support, project support and training.

Quality Technology

High resolution, immersive digital display solutions that stand the test of time.

Free UK Shipping

Free UK shipping & aboard shipping available - customs and duties taxes included.

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