Custom Easy Clean Staffboard

Expertly designed Wall Mounted Staff Photo Board available in standard colours white, black, red, blue or any colour of your choice with our custom option.


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The most versatile Acrylic Employee Photo Board available on the market. A stunning option for schools, vocational organisations and company reception areas.

Designed to create an exceptional first impression. The new easy-to-clean photo board has reverse cut pockets as an alternative to photo traps. This gives the Staffboard a stylish new look to make a big impact when displaying employee photographs, company structure and certifications, it also makes the staff board really easy to clean.

We have a varied range of standard options available. If you require an alternative design, then contact us directly – Our new Staffboard is created to be flexible and versatile, choose multiple photo size combinations and variations. For a distinguished design, our high quality printing will allow you to customise the board with your logo, company statement or image to create a perfect, standout, employee board.

These Staffboards are manufactured and supplied to you direct from our UK manufacturing & distribution centre. This ensures the best possible quality at the best possible price. Suitable for use in offices, hospitals, factories, schools.

Our Staffboard has some great features:

  • Available to order online with standard photo pocket designs – standard pocket size 50mm x 75mm
  • Any required Photo Pocket Sizes or configuration made to order such as A4 / A5 – Get in touch
  • Flat, easy to clean protective surface
  • Standoffs included
  • Back panels available in Black, White, Red or Blue– Any required print included.
  • Endless Custom Options Available
  • Tamperproof
  • Header area available for branding

Our Staffboards are manufactured using high-quality acrylic expertly crafted by our team. Photos can be easily and conveniently changed when needed.


  • 10 pockets with header – 296mm (H) x 388mm (W) 
  • 10 pockets without header – 226mm (H) x 388mm (W) 
  • 20 pockets with header – 484mm (H) x 388mm (W) 
  • 20 pockets without header – 414mm (H) x 388mm (W) 
  • 30 pockets with header – 578mm (H) x 458 mm (W) 
  • 30 pockets without header – 508mm (H) x 458mm (W) 
  • 40 pockets with header – 578mm (H) x 598mm (W) 
  • 40 pockets without header – 508mm (H) x 598mm (W) 
  • 45 pockets with header – 578mm (H) x 668mm (W) 
  • 45 pockets without header – 508mm (H) x 668mm (W) 
  • 50 pockets with header – 578mm (H) x 738mm (W) 
  • 50 pockets without header – 508mm (H) x 738mm (W) 
  • 60 pockets with header – 672mm (H) x 738mm (W) 
  • 60 pockets without header – 602mm (H) x 738mm (W) 
  • 80 pockets with header – 860mm (H) x 738mm (W)
  • 80 pockets without header – 790mm (H) x 738mm (W) 

Supplied with 4 aluminium wall mounts.

Availability: 5 – 10 Working days

If you have placed a custom order, after checking out, please email your artwork through to

Please read through the below document before submitting your artwork to ensure it is in the correct format.

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Wall Mounted

Colour Finish

Black, Blue, Custom print, Red, White

Suitable for







Black, Blue, Red, White

Paper Size


header area

with header area and logo, without header area


10 photo pockets, 20 photo pockets, 30 photo pockets, 40 photo pockets, 45 photo pockets, 50 photo pockets, 60 photo pockets, 80 photo pockets

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Product Code Option Price
LY98-01-02Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£56.59
LY98-04-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£153.13
LY98-02-02Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£71.30
LY98-05-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£160.12
LY98-03-02Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£93.06
LY98-06-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£166.72
LY98-04-02Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£107.45
LY98-07-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£185.97
LY98-05-02Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£114.44
LY98-08-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£222.44
LY98-06-02Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£121.04
LY98-07-02Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£142.86
LY98-08-02Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£176.76
LY98-01-00Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£56.59
LY98-02-00Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£71.30
LY98-03-00Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£93.06
LY98-04-00Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£107.45
LY98-05-00Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£114.44
LY98-06-00Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£121.04
LY98-07-00Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£142.86
LY98-08-00Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£176.76
LY98-01-05Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£56.59
LY98-02-05Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£71.30
LY98-03-05Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£93.06
LY98-04-05Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£107.45
LY98-05-05Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£114.44
LY98-06-05Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£121.04
LY98-07-05Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£142.86
LY98-08-05Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£176.76
LY98-01-03Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£56.59
LY98-02-03Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£71.30
LY98-03-03Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£93.06
LY98-04-03Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£107.45
LY98-05-03Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£114.44
LY98-06-03Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£121.04
LY98-07-03Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£142.86
LY98-08-03Custom Easy Clean Staffboard£176.75
LY98-51-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£105.08
LY98-52-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£119.89
LY98-53-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£140.63
LY98-54-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£155.50
LY98-55-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£163.69
LY98-56-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£171.33
LY98-57-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£195.07
LY98-58-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£225.26
LY98-01-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£102.27
LY98-02-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£116.98
LY98-03-00PCustom Easy Clean Staffboard£138.74

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