Foamex Static Dump Bin

Static dumpbins available to display A5, A4 Magazines or Tabloid Newspapers. a Variety of standard colours available with optional header panels. These dump bins are made from 5mm foamex, which offers a light yet strong and durable display.


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Dump bin in various colours and sizes – Branding options available.

This durable dump bin is suitable for dispensing magazines or newspapers.

A slightly inclined shelf within the dump bin ensures good visibility of the literature on display. The shelf of this dumpbin is in a fixed position and inclined at angle of 10 degrees.

The dumpbin has a pocket capacity of 450mm.

The dump bin is made in 5mm foamex, a light and durable material.

A variety of standard colours are available.

The standard overall height of each dump bin is 800mm high.

There are two additional header options available:-

  • Single Panel Header – This option is for a single panel that can be digitally printed or have a vinyl sticker applied to it for your logo branding (we can provide printing at an additional cost)
  • PVC Fronted Header Pocket – This option comes with a header pocket which allows you to insert your own printed poster or branding into the pocket. Great for a printed piece of paper which can be changed as often as required

Please contact us on 01752 698720 to discuss details and costings for a variation to the standard product.

Prices listed are for our standard coloured unbranded static dump bin.

Additional information


Floor Standing

header panel

with PVC fronted pocket header, with single panel header, without header

Suitable for



Media & Brochure Stands




Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White


A4 Magazine – 225mm wide x 310mm deep, A5 – 160mm wide x 225mm deep

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Product Code Option Price (x1) Price (x5) Price (x10)
LE52-02-03Foamex Static Dump Bin£64.29£64.29£53.79
LE52-02-05Foamex Static Dump Bin£79.09£79.09£68.59
LE52-02-06Foamex Static Dump Bin£79.09£79.09£68.59
LE52-02-02Foamex Static Dump Bin£79.09£79.09£68.59
LE52-02-04Foamex Static Dump Bin£79.09£79.09£68.59
LE52-03-05Foamex Static Dump Bin£80.81£80.81£70.03
LE52-03-06Foamex Static Dump Bin£80.81£80.81£70.03
LE52-03-03Foamex Static Dump Bin£69.26£69.26£58.47
LE52-03-02Foamex Static Dump Bin£80.81£80.81£70.03
LE52-03-04Foamex Static Dump Bin£80.81£80.81£70.03
LE52-03-05HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£98.94£98.94£81.15
LE52-02-05HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£111.40£111.40£93.61
LE52-03-06HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£98.94£98.94£81.15
LE52-02-06HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£111.40£111.40£93.61
LE52-03-03HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£86.02£86.02£68.24
LE52-02-03HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£82.71£82.71£71.92
LE52-03-02HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£98.94£98.94£81.15
LE52-02-02HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£111.40£111.40£93.61
LE52-03-04HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£98.94£98.94£81.15
LE52-02-04HPFoamex Static Dump Bin£111.40£111.40£93.61
LE52-03-05PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£93.94£93.94£81.09
LE52-02-05PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£107.85£107.85£94.99
LE52-03-06PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£93.94£93.94£81.09
LE52-02-06PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£107.85£107.85£94.99
LE52-03-03PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£81.03£81.03£68.18
LE52-02-03PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£90.82£90.82£77.96
LE52-03-02PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£93.94£93.94£81.09
LE52-02-02PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£107.85£107.85£94.99
LE52-03-04PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£93.94£93.94£81.09
LE52-02-04PVFoamex Static Dump Bin£107.85£107.85£94.99

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