Jewellery Displays


Jewellery Displays

Jewellery Displays

Luminati has a wide range of retail jewellery displays. Including cabinets and cases, countertop designs, window displays and many more.

All of our displays are designed and manufactured in the UK and made with high-quality materials.

Our collection includes necklace, earring, and bracelet display stands. We also offer a selection of acrylic blocks and jewellery boxes.

We have a selection of glass display cabinets made with toughened glass LED lighting, and a secured locking system to keep the items inside safe and secure.

We also offer acrylic displays cases, as well as jewellery stands. These modern units are very popular for jewellers as they do not distract the eye away from the product on display.

As well as our standard products, we also offer a bespoke design service to meet your specific requirements.

If you require more information please call our sales team today on 01752 698720.