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Pick and Mix Stand

Sweet Display Stands

Luminati offers a large selection of pick-and-mix units to provide storage and display solutions for the busiest retail environment such as food shops, convenience stores, corner shops, and even pet shops. Our pick and mix or food display unit displays are not only perfect for sweets and confectionery, but they are also commonly used in health food shops for dry food products like nuts, dried fruit, and more! Most of the dispenser units and mix display bins from this range are mainly made from clear high-impact acrylic which is safe for food contact, easy to clean, and provides high visibility of products.

Our food display units are not limited to use in retail stores, they are also suitable for special occasions and home use. Make any wedding and birthday parties more fun by letting your guests pick from confectionery products, cookies, nuts, and any treats you like to offer. If you love to stock dry foods like cereals, rice, granola, and other similar food items, our gravity-fed design units are perfect for home use as they maximise the freshness of food whilst minimising food and packaging waste.

Pick and Mix Display Stands for Food shops

A great way to drive traffic to your store is by making sure your products are highly visible, eye-catching, and organise. Luminati can supply different food display systems to ensure your products stand out and attract customers. From main display units such as food dispensers, food display cases, and gravity dispensers to accessories such as scoop, tongs, and cone stands, we can supply everything you need to improve the way you display your food. Our products are food for safe contact and ideal for:

  • Candies
  • Chocolates
  • Cookies
  • Dry nuts

Storage cabinets and accessories are available to order to complement the pick and mix range.

Our pick and mix dispensers are also used frequently for small accessories and decorations or even for components in assembly operations.

The large pick and mix and clear acrylic display units are made to order and can therefore be modified to suit requirements.

Customise your own Pick and Mix Unit

If you can’t find the exact unit you are looking for, you can alter any of our standard pick-and-mix products to your own specifications! Need an additional compartment or extra storage to go with your pick-and-mix dispenser? We can do that for you! If you prefer a unit that is unique and suited to your space, we house talented designers who can help you design the best product for you. Corporate branding can be applied if desired – many brand names that we have worked with have applied their company names and logos to our pick-and-mix products to ensure high visibility and presence in the marketplace. From different colour finishes, materials, branding, and lighting integration, we have endless customisation options to choose from!

For enquiries or questions, please contact our customer service team at 01752 698720 or write an email to [email protected]