Greeting Card Stand – Postcard display rack

Greeting card display racks in clear Perspex for tiered counter top display of cards, postcards or small brochures. The clear acrylic card rack is available in four different sizes and can be ordered with or without an additional header trap panel.


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Flexible in both size and usage this greeting card stand or postcard display rack is a space saving solution for your countertop or wall.

This countertop or wall mounted display unit comes in a range of different sizes to hold different types of postcards and greeting cards.

You can display a range of different card sizes together, and choose between three and four tier designs.

The compact design of these units means they can be placed comfortably at the till-side – perhaps tempting customers into an impulse purchase or reminding them there’s a birthday to remember and they haven’t sent that essential card!

A header panel (150mm high) is available as an additional extra and can be firmly attached to the back of the rack, giving you the chance to advertise pricing, branding or whatever works best for your display.  The header panel is a trap so a piece of paper or branding can be slid inside, making it quick and easy to change if required.

This greeting card stand – postcard display rack offers versatility and simple space saving style.

The details are:

  • LC11-01-00 – 300mm wide card rack – 3 tiers (each tier has a 52mm capacity) – overall height 195mm x 180mm deep
  • LC11-07-00 – 380mm wide card rack – 3 tiers (each tier has a 52mm capacity) – overall height 195mm x 180mm deep
  • LC11-04-00 – 570mm wide card rack – 4 tiers (each tier has a 70mm capacity) – overall height 415mm x 310mm deep
  • LC11-05-00 – 655mm wide card rack – 4 tiers (each tier has a 70mm capacity) – overall height 415mm x 310mm deep
  • Each of the pockets are 62mm deep to allow for multiple cards

Order online, or if you require different dimensions or additional logo branding on your card rack then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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3 tiers – 300mm wide, 3 tiers – 380mm wide, 4 tiers – 570mm wide, 4 tiers – 655mm wide

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Product Code Option Price (x1) Price (x5)
LC11-01-00Greeting Card Stand - Postcard display rack£51.43£48.69
LC11-07-00Greeting Card Stand - Postcard display rack£54.64£51.97
LC11-04-00Greeting Card Stand - Postcard display rack£99.52£94.63
LC11-05-00Greeting Card Stand - Postcard display rack£81.24£80.96
LC11-01-00HPGreeting Card Stand - Postcard display rack£61.19£58.41
LC11-07-00HPGreeting Card Stand - Postcard display rack£64.09£61.30
LC11-05-00HPGreeting Card Stand - Postcard display rack£148.26£144.81
LC11-04-00HPGreeting Card Stand - Postcard display rack£125.89£121.65

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