Patient Pump Bridge

Redefining the standards of patient transportation, the Patient Pump Bridge is a collaborative masterpiece between Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHNT) and Luminati Waycon Ltd. Prioritizing patient safety and comfort, this ingenious solution eliminates the risks and discomfort of equipment placed directly on patients.

Coupled with streamlined design features tailored for various clinical needs, the Patient Pump Bridge ensures efficient transfers and seamless compatibility across departments. A cutting-edge addition, setting a new benchmark for healthcare standards.

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Why the Patient Pump Bridge?

  • Enhanced Safety and Comfort: Patients undergoing treatments involving infusion pumps and monitoring equipment no longer have to bear the discomfort or potential risks associated with equipment placed directly on them. This bridge provides a stable, raised platform, ensuring equipment is securely held and kept at a safe distance from the patient.
  • Swift Transfers: Whether you’re moving a patient from a trolley to a bed or towards scanning equipment, transfer times are remarkably reduced. The seamless integration means both the patient and the fully loaded Patient Pump Bridge can be moved simultaneously, ensuring swift and efficient transfers, especially crucial when every second counts.
  • Tailored for Diverse Clinical Needs: We recognise the varied demands across hospital departments. Thus, the Patient Pump Bridge comes in distinct models for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Emergency Department (ED)/Theatres, and Imaging. Each version is optimized for specific clinical settings, ensuring maximum utility and compatibility.
    • ICU Bridge: Specifically designed for the ICU, this bridge can accommodate multiple syringe drivers and monitoring equipment. Adjustable legs ensure it’s adaptable for different scenarios, and it’s even tailored to fit directly onto a CT couch.
    • ED & Theatre Bridge: Tailored for emergency and theatre use, this bridge not only fits directly onto CT couches but also incorporates design elements like cut-outs for equipment hoses. The ED version is even integrated with the Wolverson X-Ray Trauma Board.
    • Imaging Bridge: Crafted with a fixed, narrower width, it effortlessly passes through standard and wide-bore scanner apertures, resting comfortably on CT scanner couches. While the bridge itself isn’t scannable, having pumps close to the patient ensures accurate body alignment during scans, boosting both efficiency and safety.

Built from the sturdy PETG material, the Patient Pump Bridge promises durability. And when not in use? The integrated storage rail ensures easy and convenient storage.

Discover a new era of clinical efficiency and patient care. Upgrade to the Patient Pump Bridge today. Ready to transform your patient transportation? Contact Us now for more details or to place an order.

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