Acrylic Fabrication for Retail Displays

Acrylic fabrication companies are a key requirement in designing the very latest cutting edge displays in Retail. 

Retail displays use acrylic / Perspex as it allows unique and individual designs to be created in low, medium and high volumes. The use of acrylic gives high gloss surfaces, flexibility in design and cost effective production. Displays like this one have shown how LED illumination can be incorporated as well as multimedia screens. This is cost effective to design a completely bespoke acrylic solution.


The key requirements for a retail display that will draw an audience rather than rely on passing people are Illumination sound and movement. This display gets the movement and sound from the multimedia and the LED illumination is designed for maximum impact on the product and brand. POS Point of Sale and POD Point of Display retail displays  still continue to see growth as retail has to work harder for a declining audience due to the competition of ecommerce.