Winter Illumination

Light is essential, both for life and retail. Mihaly Bartha, Head of Lighting at GPStudio said “Lighting has a direct influence on our mood, with 80% of the sensory information the brain receives coming from our eyes. Lighting highlights architectural elements, product qualities and create virtual spaces – impacting how we feel, what we think of a product, and ultimately the choice of whether to purchase or not”. Because of this, the use of lighting in retail stores must be considered at each stage of a customer’s journey, the mood/reaction you want to create in customers from the storefront to merchandisers and even cashiers tills. 

With the winter drawing in, daylight gets shorter. But the one place that gets brighter is the high-street. And so it should with 3 huge seasonal retail events right on the doorstep, Halloween followed by Black Friday and then Christmas. These are the times that customers are guaranteed to spend their money, so capitalising on these next couple of months can help power you through to the next year.

Illumination is by far the most important aspect of the high street in winter, this is because some characteristics naturally attract our eyes. For example a flashing light, fairy lights in a shop window or a neon sign. They catch our eyes because they throw, reflect or dance light in front of us. 

A study conducted over 21-weeks involving UK fashion and lifestyle store – Gerry Weber – looked at the effect of light on shoppers found that lightning did influence consumers spending habits. The study found that appropriate interior LED lights actually made consumers spend more. Because of these effects, it’s not ridiculous to say that illuminated signs and point of sale displays can affect spending habits.

Point of sale displays are incredibly important, so important in fact that FedEx Office found that 68% of consumers made a purchase because a sign caught their eye. Another report by BYU (Brigham Young University), showed that regular-priced merchandise labelled as if it was on sale outperformed, by 18%, merchandise that was marked for actual sale and clearance. This shows that the sign was more influential than the lower price. 

Lighting doesn’t just influence retail, we’ve found that our LED Light Pockets Poster Kits – that are extremely popular with estate agents, realtors and salons – attract attention in the same way. The professional LEDs within the units are very economical to run and each has a lamp life of over 60,000 hours. These double-sided ultra-bright displays are clearly visible throughout the day and attract even more attention now that it’s getting darker. Switching your graphics, offers and adverts is as simple as sliding the inserts in and out to make it easier to update your storefront. 

If you’re looking for something more modern, our Estate Agent Window Display Screens are super slimline digital displays which are perfect for attracting attention from passers-by. The screens require no cabling or electrical installation and are powered through the rods that hold them up. Running on Android-powered software and built with commercial-grade components the display has a life expectancy of 70,000 hours and can be used 24 hours a day. Alongside this, we offer a free 3-year warranty, free replacement during the warranty period and free lifetime technical support to ensure your display keeps running without issue. 

Lighting is now a significant component affecting the success of retail, with the options available to affect most sectors and reach out to many different kinds of customers. 

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Display Screens From Luminati We are thrilled to announce the launch of, a dedicated platform specialising in state-of-the-art digital screens for retail display and

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