High Vibrancy (700cd/m²) Digital Advertising Screen

High vibrance digital screens designed to suit brightly lit areas such as retail, showroom and shop windows. These high vibrance screens are almost 3x brighter than standard screens making them perfect for catching the attention of passers by.


£990.81 Ex VAT

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High vibrance displays are designed for brightly lit areas such as retail stores, shopping centres, showrooms, cafes, exhibitions and much more. These fantastic high-brightness displays are almost 3x brighter than your standard domestic screen or monitor allowing you to catch the attention of your potential customers and really stand out from your competitors.

Each screen comes with a built-in media player and is manufactured using commercial-grade components allowing these fantastic displays to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These displays use a special high-brightness panel that can withstand surface temperatures of up to 110°C with no blackening defect occurring.  Blackening can be caused by long exposure to sunlight, so these screens are perfect for use in a window.

Updating content to your digital display screen has never been easier, Our standard plug-and-play option is simple to use, all you will need to do is simply download your images and videos onto a USB stick, insert the stick into the screen/s and it will download your files onto the screens internal memory automatically.  The screen will then play the files on a continuous loop.

Alternatively, we also offer a networked display which allows you to connect your screen via the internet using a Wi-Fi, LAN or 4G connection.  You can then update your screen remotely over the internet.

These displays come with free optional scheduling software for displaying different content at different times of the day. You can also display scrolling text at the bottom of the screen.

The eco-friendly power timer allows you to assign daily or weekly on and off times for your screen meaning that it is only in use when it needs to be; improving your environmental efficiency.


  • Resistant to blackening
  • 700cd/m² Brightness
  • Plug and play USB media player
  • Portrait or Landscape orientation
  • Commercial grade; designed for constant 24/7 use
  • Scrolling text
  • Multiple AV inputs (HDMI & VGA)

Should you need to use the screen as a monitor you can connect it to an external source, like a PC or media player, using the HDMI input or the VGA and 3.5mm Audio Jack inputs.

Our screens come with a Free 3 year warranty. If there is any hardware failure during the warranty period, we will repair or replace your screen free of charge. We are so confident in the products that we offer Free full lifetime technical support on every product that we manufacture.

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Wall Mounted

Network option

1 year network software, 3 year network software, Lifetime network software, Plug and play (No network)

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43 Inch Screen Size, 55 Inch Screen Size

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Product Code Option Price
LQ68-01-00High Vibrancy (700cd/m²) Digital Advertising Screen£990.81
LQ68-01-00S1High Vibrancy (700cd/m²) Digital Advertising Screen£1,278.66
LQ68-01-00S3High Vibrancy (700cd/m²) Digital Advertising Screen£1,437.74
LQ68-01-00SLHigh Vibrancy (700cd/m²) Digital Advertising Screen£1,687.71
LQ68-02-00High Vibrancy (700cd/m²) Digital Advertising Screen£1,349.87
LQ68-02-00S1High Vibrancy (700cd/m²) Digital Advertising Screen£1,637.72
LQ68-02-00S3High Vibrancy (700cd/m²) Digital Advertising Screen£1,796.79
LQ68-02-00SLHigh Vibrancy (700cd/m²) Digital Advertising Screen£2,046.77

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