Digital Signage Menu Board

Our Digital Menu Board is the perfect solution for displaying your restaurant’s menu in a modern and visually appealing way. With a sleek design and high-resolution display, this digital menu board is sure to impress your customers.

1-year network subscription is included free with this product and is included within our total price. There is no “Plug & Play” option available on our Menu Boards, please see our other digital screens or Slimline Digital Screens for options without networking.

Luminati is able to offer a full installation service for this product. For more information please contact us.


£671.15 Ex VAT

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Our digital menu board allows you to easily update your menu with just a few clicks, making it quick and easy to reflect changes in prices or offerings. You can even customize the layout and font to match your restaurant’s branding.

Not only does our digital menu board make it easier for your customers to view and choose from your menu, it also saves you time and money by eliminating the need for physical menu updates. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly, reducing your use of paper menus.

Overall, our digital menu board is a versatile and convenient solution that will enhance the customer experience and streamline your menu management.

These commercial-grade screens are designed for constant 24/7 use so are perfect for busy retail areas.



Each screen features a free 1-year subscription to the cloud server, which enables all the content (no matter how many screens) to be controlled from one central location.  If you have screens installed at different franchises or restaurant locations, all of the screens can be updated or changed from one location by accessing the cloud network.  Other options include:

  • 1-year network subscription (free)
  • 4-year network subscription
  • Lifetime network subscription

Access to the cloud server not only allows quick and easy screen updates but also has access to pre-designed templates to create your own professional-looking displays quickly.

Great for use as:-

  • Fast Food Digital Menu Screens
  • Restaurant Menu Display Screens
  • Food Hall Digital Signage Menu Displays
  • and much more…!

We also supply wall and ceiling mounts designed for use with these screens, speak to the sales team for more information.

Did you know that Luminati offers a full Installation service on this screen for an additional cost? Contact us on 01752 698720 for more information.



There are several benefits to using a digital menu board:

  1. Customisation: Digital menu boards allow you to easily update and customize the layout, font, and images to match your branding and highlight certain menu items.
  2. Ease of use: Digital menu boards are easy to update and manage, allowing you to quickly reflect changes in prices or offerings.
  3. Visually appealing: Digital menu boards offer high-resolution displays and can be designed to be visually appealing and easy to read.
  4. Time and cost-effectiveness: Digital menu boards save you time and money by eliminating the need for physical menu updates and printing.
  5. Environmentally friendly: Digital menu boards reduce the use of paper menus, making them a more environmentally friendly option.
  6. Enhanced customer experience: Digital menu boards can improve the customer experience by making it easier for customers to view and choose from your menu.

Overall, digital menu boards offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for restaurants looking to enhance the customer experience and streamline menu management.

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Ceiling Hanging, Wall Mounted


32 Inch Screen Size, 43 Inch Screen Size, 50 Inch Screen Size, 55 Inch Screen Size

Suitable For






Network option

1 year network software (Free), 4 year network software, Lifetime network software

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Product Code Option Price
LQ43-01-00S1Networked Menu Board, 32 Inch, 1 year FREE network software£671.15
LQ43-02-00S1Networked Menu Board, 43 Inch, 1 year FREE network software£945.36
LQ43-03-00S1Networked Menu Board, 50 Inch, 1 year FREE network software£1,089.29
LQ43-04-00S1Networked Menu Board, 55 Inch, 1 year FREE network software£1,257.45
LQ43-01-00SLNetworked Menu Board, 32 Inch, Lifetime network software£1,193.82
LQ43-02-00SLNetworked Menu Board, 43 Inch, Lifetime network software£1,468.04
LQ43-03-00SLNetworked Menu Board, 50 Inch, Lifetime network software£1,611.96
LQ43-04-00SLNetworked Menu Board, 55 Inch, Lifetime network software£1,780.13
LQ43-01-00S4Networked Menu Board, 32 Inch, 4 year network software£943.85
LQ43-02-00S4Networked Menu Board, 43 Inch, 4 year network software£1,218.06
LQ43-03-00S4Networked Menu Board, 50 Inch, 4 year network software£1,361.99
LQ43-04-00S4Networked Menu Board, 55 Inch, 4 year network software£1,530.15

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