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Luminati specialise in stand-out LED light box displays including freestanding, ceiling hanging and wall mounted boxes. Great for busy retail areas to attract attention to your brand or promotion. We have a large range of standard designs available which can be customised, along with a completely bespoke design service to create something unique to you.

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If you don’t require a Bespoke service, we stock a number of standard lightbox displays available for purchase online. For Bespoke designs, please contact our sales team via phone at 01752 698720 or send an enquiry below.

Types of Lightbox Displays

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing the right lightbox display for your business. From the type of your business, size of your space, budget, to goals you want to achieve, it is important to keep these things in mind before choosing your lightbox display. As a starting point, here are some types of lightbox displays and where they are commonly used for: 

  • Freestanding – Popular choice for high-traffic areas and business spaces with a lot of floor space. These lightboxes can be used indoors and outdoors for greater visibility.
  • Counter Top – This type is ideal for any retail size – they are often smaller-sized lightboxes that are commonly placed on top of shelves and counters to encourage impulse purchases.
  • Wall Mounted – These types help to provide the appearance of taller ceilings and completely avoid the problem of limited vertical space.
  • Ceiling Hanging – Great option for smaller and crowded business spaces.

What are the Benefits of Using Lightbox?

Even a simple LED window display is proven to provide good results to any retail space, so there’s no doubt that they are a good investment. If you are still unsure whether a lightbox is right for your business, we have enumerated some of its benefits that might help you decide:

Get Constant Promotion

The flexibility to run your advertisement day or night or continuously is one of the main advantages of using a lightbox. They are not only great for displaying promotions that must be seen at night, but they are also very useful for enhancing their visibility during the day. They essentially keep your brand alive 24/7 even when your store has closed because people are naturally drawn to lights and colours.

Increase Footfall and Boost Sales

Lightboxes especially when placed on storefronts and windows are very effective for improving brand visibility. The bright lights and fun colors emitted by lightboxes can activate emotional triggers and affect your customer’s purchase intention, especially when done with the right message.

Make a great visual impression

Traditional printed ads can look cluttered especially when placed in a high-traffic area or around other marketing materials. Opting for a lightbox display can help in getting your client’s attention and drawing them smoothly to your advertisement.

Standout from competitors

For pop-up stores and shop-in-shops settings, your brand could easily get lost in the crowd as these environments tend to be cluttered and easily saturated. The light emitted by the lightbox enables the point of sale to stand out above other products and draw the customers to your offering.

Create your Lightbox with Luminati

Our designers will work with you to achieve the perfect lightbox display for your environment, whether it be retail, corporate or something else entirely! We make sure to design to your needs and have full colour print available so your lightbox display can reflect your branding.

From design to concept we make sure that you are across every step of the process and are happy with your design. In this stage we can make amendments to your display before production, so our team will display concept options to you and provide recommendations on how to product the best light box for you.

To discuss your requirements and request a price quotation, please contact our sales team or fill out the form below this page.

Looking For The Above Product In Your Own Way?

Looking For The Above Product In Your Own Way?

Turning Your Vision To Reality

Luminati offer a complete bespoke service where we take your vision and turn it into reality. If you are looking for the product above but completely unique to your requirement then get in touch today to discuss your requirement.

Extensive Experience

Our technical and development team will work closely with you to ensure your exact needs are met. With our years of experience, we work with you to plan your perfect product. We then send you plans and 3d models along the way to ensure your happy.

From Design To Manufacture

Once your design is developed and confirmed, we will then move on to the manufacturing of your product. All our manufacturing is done in house. We work meticulously when creating your product to ensure your expectations are exceeded in final delivery.

I Don't Need A Bespoke Design

If you don't need to customise your lightbox display take a look at our fixed standard products and leave the designs to us.

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