How to Use Lightboxes Effectively in a Store?

One of the challenges that brick and mortar stores are facing today is choosing the right POS displays that not only provide a great return on investment but can also adapt to seasons and market trends easily. In this blog, we are going to discuss one of the most versatile POS displays that are becoming more and more popular to business owners – lightboxes. We will tackle how it is currently used in retail stores as well as look at the values it can add to your business.

What is a Lightbox and How Can it be Used in a Store?

A lightbox display is a tool designed to illuminate a printed graphic or signage. They are commonly made from aluminium frames with integrated LED lighting and can be designed in a wall-mounted, freestanding or ceiling hanging format.

Lightbox displays just like any other visual communication tools are used to engage customers and provide basic information about a business- the brand name and ongoing promotion. Due to its lighting property, lightboxes are also utilised in a wider variety of applications beyond only eye-catching printed signage. If you are looking to introduce lightbox to your business, here are some ways you can use them to achieve your desired results:

  • Adding lightboxes to your shop window

Illuminated displays such as lightboxes can effortlessly catch the attention of people passing by your store. This is a very subtle way of increasing your brand visibility and attracting customers who were not originally interested. Moreover, lightboxes can make a good impression and positively influence the customer’s impression of your brand.

  • Promote sales and offers

If you’re running a sale, lightboxes are a great way to direct people to the right location in your shop. When placed strategically, the lightboxes are often the first thing people see, enticing people to come into your store.

  • Outdoor menu lightboxes

If you own a restaurant, coffee shop, pub, or a food takeaway place, opting for an outdoor menu lightbox is a clever way to entice undecided guests who are looking for a place to eat.

  • Lightbox as signages

Lightboxes are not only great as a point of sale unit, but they are also an effective tool to improve navigation within your store. They are great for highlighting specific areas in a business space such as reception, restroom, changing rooms, or even guiding customers to an area for certain products.

What are the Types of Lightbox Displays?

When choosing a lightbox display, there are a lot of things to consider including your establishment location, the personality of your brand, the size of the lightbox you need, and where they are going to be placed. More importantly, it is important to focus on the results you wanted to achieve with your lightbox retail display. For example, if you want to increase your brand exposure without breaking the bank, opting for a back to back window lightbox would be a great option as it would serve both inside and outside customers. To help you decide, here are some types of lightbox display units available in the market today:


  • Freestanding – Popular choice for high-traffic areas and business spaces with a lot of floor space. These lightboxes can be used indoors and outdoors for greater visibility.
  • Counter Top – This type is ideal for any retail size – they are often smaller-sized lightboxes that are commonly placed on top of shelves and counters to encourage impulse purchases.
  • Wall Mounted – These types help to provide the appearance of taller ceilings and completely avoid the problem of limited vertical space.
  • Ceiling Hanging – Great option for smaller and crowded business spaces.

What are the Benefits of Using Lightbox?

Even a simple LED window display is proven to provide good results to any retail space, so there’s no doubt that they are a good investment. If you are still unsure whether a lightbox is right for your business, we have enumerated some of its benefits that might help you decide:

Get Constant Promotion

The flexibility to run your advertisement day or night or continuously is one of the main advantages of using a lightbox. They are not only great for displaying promotions that must be seen at night, but they are also very useful for enhancing their visibility during the day. They essentially keep your brand alive 24/7 even when your store has closed because people are naturally drawn to lights and colours.

Increase Footfall and Boost Sales

Lightboxes especially when placed on storefronts and windows are very effective for improving brand visibility. The bright lights and fun colors emitted by lightboxes can activate emotional triggers and affect your customer’s purchase intention, especially when done with the right message.

Make a great visual impression

Traditional printed ads can look cluttered especially when placed in a high-traffic area or around other marketing materials. Opting for a lightbox display can help in getting your client’s attention and drawing them smoothly to your advertisement.

Standout from competitors

For pop-up stores and shop-in-shops settings, your brand could easily get lost in the crowd as these environments tend to be cluttered and easily saturated. The light emitted by the lightbox enables the point of sale to stand out above other products and draw the customers to your offering.

What Types of Businesses Would Benefit From Lightbox Displays?

As lightbox displays can easily adapt to seasonal trends and market demands, it is widely used in a variety of businesses for decoration and marketing purposes. Here are some businesses that can greatly benefit from lightbox displays:

  • Restaurants/Pubs/ Coffee Shops
  • Fashion Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Opticians
  • Estate Agents
  • Travel Agencies
  • Trade shows/ Exhibition


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