Exhibition POS Displays

Exhibition Displays

Exhibition POS Displays

Luminati has a huge range of exhibition displays for any showroom or tradeshow booth needs- it can be as simple as a product holder, brochures or literature racks, individual product plinths, right up to a fully designed exhibition display area. Our selection of exhibition displays covers everything you need to make your brand stands out from competitors. From booth accessories, exhibition plinths, tables, modular displays, kiosks, and other showroom display systems, we have everything you need to take your next trade show display to a whole new level!

If you are looking for temporary displays for one-time events, we can supply portable displays such as retractable banner stands, portable backdrops, podiums, and any display units made of lightweight materials which allow you to set up anywhere. We also offer premium Bespoke designs that you can configure to suit your business requirements:

We have endless customisation options from size, colour, materials, logo branding, and artwork integration. To make your display more eye-catching, you can incorporate more details into your display such as LED lighting, interactive digital advertising screens, graphic prints, signage, and more!

Any exhibitor knows that a good display can boost interest in the brand by leaving a good impression on potential customers. Plan your next event with Luminati and let us help you create a trade show display that will surely stand out from the crowd!

For enquiries and consultations, please contact our customer service team via email at: [email protected] or call 01752 698720