What our Design Service can offer

Working with some of the biggest brands in the world, we understand the need to create innovative, unique and functional retail product displays that stand the test of time. 

This is where our Display Design Service comes in.  Our dedicated team of designers and engineers bring to life stunning conceptual designs perfectly synonymous with your brand. 

Specialising in product display design, we cover a plethora of industries including retail (jewellery, cosmetics, trade counters, food and drink, eyewear), museums, exhibitions, public sector, health care, education and much more.  

Our Display Design Service, simply put, gives you the ability to create almost anything for a wide range of environments and industries. Our team of talented designers, innovative engineers and skilled creators will help guide you through the process from initial concept to product realisation. Throughout this process we ensure that there is healthy collaboration and strong communication between us and the client to make the product the best possible. We believe that agility is important throughout this process, to ensure that you get updates on your investment. By being agile we are able to implement changes at any stage in the process and return results swiftly, keeping you in the loop and make sure you get the product display desired. 

We take pride in the speed of our process, from initial confirmation of the design to start of production takes around  three weeks. By utilising our existing catalogue of products we can gain an understanding for what you are looking for and reduce the time needed during the design stages. This process means that your solution is being produced as quickly as possible with prototypes manufactured in-house and turned around extremely quickly. Our Display Design Service ensures the final display will always be tailored to you and your specific requirements. 

Other than specific clients, we have already manufactured a huge amount of display units for design agencies that we work with regularly. We work openly with design agencies, making sure to liaise with the agency as much as we can throughout the process, so if the client wishes to change the solution we can react and respond quickly. 

As members of Anti Copying in Design (ACID) we ensure that the designs we produce for our clients are 100% original. This guarantees that clients are getting a completely unique display that isn’t copied and won’t ever be copied by anyone else. 

One of the major developments in our design process is adopting the latest CAD technology, we are able to provide digital authentic designs without losing time. Providing a range of visuals including true-to-life renders and accurate drawings so you can see exactly what your product is going to look like. 

Our Display Design Service is divided into the popular industries that we supply for, these include; Retail Displays, Digital Displays & Signage, Exhibition Displays, Cosmetic Retail Display, Illuminated Displays, Trade Counter Displays, Showroom Displays, Food & Drink Retail Display, Jewellery Displays, Lecterns & Custom Projects, Eyewear Display, Custom Made Display Cases, Custom Medical Displays, Retail Window Displays, Lightboxes. 

The most popular custom displays are solutions for retail. This is a highly competitive environment where the most important thing is to make your brand and product stand out. We are experts in retail display solutions, we offer a huge range of standard products which can be drawn from to create a custom display that suits your brand and product requirements. The option to start from scratch is also available, creating a completely bespoke retail unit that is unique to you. 

Some of our bespoke retail solutions include our window display systems, designed to promote products to passersby. Designed around your specific requirements, these display systems are totally unique and work with your brand for the perfect promotion. 

We also produce printed retail displays, with high-quality digital print offering opportunities for branding and printing. These units are designed to promote products to customers and potential buyers. By combining digital print and high-impact acrylic to create an eye-catching, modern retail display. 

The bespoke retail solutions also feature our hanging lightboxes are extremely impressive and look great in retail shop settings. We commonly manufacture these illuminated displays in high gloss acrylic with internal lighting provided by professional LED’s which highlights branding and printing perfectly. 

If anything mentioned in this blog has piqued your interest check out our website for our range of standard products, or view some of the possibilities available in the industries that we supply for including the solutions we have manufactured can be found through the Display Design Service. For any help or questions, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team at 01752 698720. 

For more information on Retail POS, Custom Displays, Acrylic Frames, Digital Displays, Lecterns & displays for Schools and Businesses please visit our Blog, Industry Specific and Custom Design sections of the website.

Luminati is based on the south Coast in Ivybridge, Devon UK. We have a full manufacturing facility which enables us to offer Custom Designed Display and POS products. Shop our full range of products, including our Clear Acrylic Frames, Custom Designed Lecterns, Digital Advertising Screens and more.

Our Team are always here to help with any enquiry, please send us an email or for more urgent needs give us a call – Contact Us

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