Going beyond the brief

Ensuring your product displays pay-off is one of the most critical factors when considering investing in new product promotional displays. 

The primary reason for introducing retail display systems is to promote your product and ensure it gets noticed in the busy and ever changing retail environment.  

Our product displays offer proven improvement in ROI from day one.  We actively seek out every opportunity to exceed the expectations of our clients, with our extensive experience we know there is always more to a client brief than what is initially sent to our team and with that there are always opportunities to exceed expectations and go above and beyond the brief. 

Our products are designed and manufactured to help our clients sell more products and in turn make more profit. However, every investment requires an ROI to justify the outlay in the first place. Where do you draw the line? To answer this it’s worth looking at two different examples of retail displays, the first is a temporary cardboard display with which you would have 12 weeks to sell your stock before the next round of displays enter the store. This approach can provide opportunities to make profits but at the end of the 12 weeks you either get a roll on campaign or you get back in line and wait for the next opportune moment. 


The vast majority of displays that we produce are semi-permanent to permanent installations meaning that they are expected to last in store for a minimum of 9 months and last up to 3 years and more. With an increased life span and longer exposure to the public the boost in brand awareness and returns are considerably higher due to the length of time the display will be locking down that retail space. ROI is an obvious one because all displays should contribute to selling product but with a more permanent display the risk of it crumbling after bumps and knocks from trolleys and people is a lot lower compared to a temporary cardboard display. 

We supply instructions with most of our displays and as standard these tend to be hard copies, printed on paper with translations for many different languages and pictorial guidance to ensure that anyone can put up the display and get your products in store as quick a possible. The question our team always asks is how can we do more? That’s why we can supply you with a branded memory stick which contains a video instruction (only available for certain products) but also your latest product catalogue and supporting marketing information. 

When a display is coming from one end of the country and product coming from the other with the hope of a happy marriage at the selected stores, is not always the case. We know that product fulfilment is important and making sure that both display and product arrive on time, making rollout quick and painless. So what can we do? If you send us the product we can pack it up with the display or even pack the product within the display, ready to take off the delivery vehicle and straight into the store. This ensures that all arrives as planned cutting out any chance for delays and in-turn, lost sales.


When it comes to supporting our clients after the manufacturing process we also offer merchandising and installation services, both in-house and third party services are provided so that you can be sure that your product will be displayed on time and in the correct location. We know there is nothing worse than investing time and resources into a very expensive store space and then finding your product has been moved next to the reduced aisle.

Keeping in communication with both our client representative and the stores we can answer questions like; When is it arriving? Has it arrived? Where is it installed? How do I build this? We can provide you with a complete communication service where with contact details supplied by you, we can email the store location and let them know when they can expect to receive your display. We will keep in contact during the delivery phase, informing the stores that the displays are on their way. Once arrive we will provide you with a full set of proof of delivery (POD) documents so that you know when the goods arrive and who signed for them. Checking the store a day or two after to check that the display and been installed and no issues have arisen. Where issues do arise, we can communicate directly with the store to resolve and overcome any issues. 

If you are seeking a professional display service for a new product rollout or an existing product refresh, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our sales team at 01752 698720 or head to our website to view our full range of products. 

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Luminati is based on the south Coast in Ivybridge, Devon UK. We have a full manufacturing facility which enables us to offer Custom Designed Display and POS products. Shop our full range of products, including our Clear Acrylic Frames, Custom Designed Lecterns, Digital Advertising Screens and more.

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