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Interactive Touch Screens

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Digital Interactive Touch Screens

Interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage

Touch screens are quickly becoming a preferred way to promote digital content and add an additional layer of user engagement and interactivity, especially for businesses. Touch screens are interactive and user-friendly, which makes them perfect for promoting your business or being used as a wayfinding tool in public spaces. By using touch screens, you can make your ads and customer touch points more personable and engaging. You can also customise the look and feel of your content, making them unique and more appealing to the viewer.

All our interactive displays are fully customisable and act as a media player, you manage your display content via a “Plug and play” integrated with Android, typically a USB which plugs into a PC or a computer. The other management system is via the cloud, using a content management system (CMS) within an online signage portal.

What are the different types of interactive touch screen digital signage?

There are a variety of interactive touch screen digital signage types, including large format LCD displays, video walls, and interactive kiosks. Large-format displays are typically two or more times the size of a typical computer display, making them ideal for locations such as retail stores and exhibition centres. Video walls use images and video to create an immersive experience, while interactive kiosks allow users to interact with digital content and applications.

Interactive Digital Signage and touch displays, made in the UK

We’re always striving to innovate and produce tailored display solutions, ensuring we have the latest and most cutting-edge touch screen technology.

Luminati is able to offer a full installation service for digital signage solutions, as well as singular interactive and touch screen products.

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