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Our Content Management System (CMS) enables anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge or resources, to easily design and schedule content. The user-friendly interface puts the power in your hands to create custom layouts that your audience will love to engage with. Utilise your pre-existing images, videos, and websites as you craft your own content.

When choosing a screen please be aware if you choose a screen with a CMS option, each additional screen also needs a CMS option. This enables all your screens to be CMS enabled and you are able to manage your screens from one portal.

All You Need To Know

Flexible Solutions

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Network CMS Overview

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Network CMS Specifications

Software Renewal & Cancellation

We understand that different projects and applications have varying requirements. That's why we offer these flexible subscription options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you choose the standard 1-year, 3-year (or 4-year), or lifetime subscription, our CMS will empower you to effectively manage and update your content, ensuring engaging and impactful displays.

CMS Subscription Type
Billing Period
Plug & Play
Not Applicable
1 Year Subscription
12 Months
3 Year Subscription
36 Months
Lifetime Subscription
One-Off Payment

All subscription prices are included within the sale price of your item, prices shown are for renewal purposes only. Specific products (Estate Agent Window Screens & Network Digital Menu Board) include 1 year free CMS subscription noted on the product page.

Software Renewal & Cancellation

Your CMS subscription will automatically finish at the end of your selected subscription length (1 Year, 3 Years, 4 Years). If you wish to renew your subscription, please contact our sales team for more information and pricing. In the event of not renewing your subscription, your screen will remain functional in Plug and Play mode. You have the flexibility to re-join the subscription at your convenience. For more information on CMS software renewal and cancellations, please look at our policy page.

Full Integrated Solution

Our CMS software seamlessly integrates with our LCD screens and Android media players, providing an all-in-one integrated solution. Enjoy the convenience of hardware and software designed to work harmoniously together.

Easy To Use

Our intuitive CMS makes content management a breeze. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop system, you can send content from your PC to your display or media player in seconds. No need to install additional software or maintain a dedicated server. Our cloud-based CMS portal provides secure access from anywhere in the world, offering unlimited storage space.

Fully Customisable Content

Enjoy full control over your content's appearance. Select precise colours from the palette or input HEX codes to modify the background, scrolling text, static text, time, date, and weather.Choose from 24 different transition styles to create visually stunning displays. Our CMS allows for the creation of multi-layered templates, featuring background images or colours, image and video zones, and even transparent overlays.

Layer Management

Effortlessly build multi-layered templates with our layer management feature. Combine background images or colours with image and video zones, and add transparent overlays to make your content shine through.

Multi Zone Layouts

Design dynamic layouts with ease. Create custom layouts in any orientation, featuring different zones for background, images, videos, scrolling and static text, RSS feeds, time, date, local weather, and live webpages. Tailor your displays to fit your content perfectly.

Multi-Screen Synchronising

Achieve stunning visual effects across multiple screens. Synchronise your content across multiple screens in the same location, ensuring perfect unison in image and video transitions. Create a unified and impactful viewing experience.

User Management & Remote Commands

Take control of user access and manage your screens with ease. Create and customise user accounts, assigning specific privileges based on screen access and CMS features. Send remote commands from anywhere in the world, allowing you to reboot, format internal memory, start or stop content, adjust volume, and even capture screenshots.

Compatible Products

Our versatile and user-friendly CMS is compatible with a wide range of screens and media players. Whether you choose our integrated all-in-one solution or update your existing screens, our CMS provides seamless compatibility for efficient content management.

Schedule Playlists

Plan your content ahead of time. Choose to publish immediately or schedule specific times and dates for your playlists. Schedule content as far into the future as needed, ensuring timely and accurate displays.

Reports and Logs

Keep track of user activity and screen communication. Generate reports and export logs to monitor user engagement and ensure smooth operation. Export proof of play records to track the frequency of content playback.

Lifetime Support

We have a dedicated team to provide lifetime technical support, project support and training.

Free UK Shipping

Free UK shipping & aboard shipping available - customs and duties taxes included.

Quality Technology

High resolution, immersive digital display solutions that stand the test of time.

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