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Countertop Product Displays

Product Display Units

A World of Choices Right on Your Counter

Are you a store manager looking to highlight your newest product line? Or perhaps you’re a merchandiser in need of the perfect display to make your client’s items pop? Luminati has you covered. From versatile Bottle Bar Displays to chic Cosmetic Displays, our extensive range is specifically designed to cater to diverse business needs. And we’re not just experts in fabrication; we’re masters of turning your vision into a tangible asset right on your retail counter.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Whether you manage a high-end brand store or a cosy local shop, the proper counter display can make a world of difference. Designed and crafted in the heart of Devon by our seasoned fabricators, Luminati’s counter displays not only make products accessible but can also accentuate their value, provoking impulse buys and elevating the overall customer experience.

Your Trusted Partner

Our reputation speaks volumes. We’ve partnered with industry giants like KFC, McLaren, and John Lewis, providing them with bespoke counter display solutions that resonate with their brand ethos. Quality and expertise are what we offer, and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Choose Standard or Go Custom

Find what you’re looking for in our extensive standard product range. If not, worry not. Our full customisation capabilities mean we can tweak every detail, from colour to size, to meet your specific needs. But remember, premium quality often comes with a cost. Custom work entails additional design and production charges, but the value delivered is worth every penny.