Stand Tall At Your Next Presentation

When speaking in public it is essential to keep a good posture, project your voice and hold the attention of the audience. The correct lectern can help speakers feel more confident and provide a useful stand for laptops or notebooks. Adjustable height lecterns need to be considered for situations with multiple speakers. Browse our collection to make a big impact and stand tall at your next event. We offer a great range of standard, tabletop, multimedia, and fully bespoke lecterns.

What is a lectern?

A lectern is a raised sloping desk that allows an individual to read and present whilst standing comfortably. Extra features such as height adjustment and casters for mobility help to increase the ease of use and create a better experience for those presenting. Lecterns have a wide variety of uses from places of worship to greeting guests at a venue, alongside lecture halls and business presentations.

Eye-catching designs and new styles to create a big impression

Although traditional lecterns still offer a perfect solution there are now many contemporary, minimalist and sleek designs to choose from. We especially like our colourful range of modern acrylic lecterns manufactured by our passionate team here in the UK.  We can help you create the professional impression required and if the nerves kick in then you have something to hold onto… literally. Our designers ensure all our lecterns help to minimise eye strain when reading for long periods.

First-class design and materials

When choosing a lectern you should consider the perfect finish for your requirements. With Luminati you can select a wide variety of materials including traditional wood, acrylic, plastic, metal and glass, or a combination of these to create a fully bespoke design. Wooden lecterns are generally seen in places of worship or educational settings and acrylic, glass and metal lecterns are popular in corporate settings. However, we believe unique and stylish designs can be adapted to suit all environments and we work closely with our customers to create the ideal solution. You can also choose from the wide variety we offer online.

Our top tips for cleaning a lectern


One of the best ways to clean your acrylic is to use warm soapy water with a micro-fiber cloth. Handle the acrylic by the edges in order to avoid any fingerprints as you work your way across with the cloth. If you find that your acrylic is not buffing up as much as you would like, for instance, if it has not been cleaned for a long time, then a specific product such as the VuPlex Acrylic Cleaner will work wonders. It is non-abrasive and will coat the surface with wax that will help to protect it.

Wood & Acrylic

Acrylic panels of the lectern, podium or pulpit should be cleaned with warm soapy water and the wooden parts should be dusted with a cloth, slightly damp with water.

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