Re-imagining the relationship between you and your customer

Connecting with customers only on a transactional basis is a primitive strategy in the modern retail environment. Brands that stick to more traditional strategies are losing out to more innovative brands that are creating a richer experience for customers and becoming part of their everyday lives. 

Competitive and retail are two words that are practically married together, it’s easy to be out-performed by more innovative competitors that are quicker on social media or set in motion effective strategies to turn customers’ heads.

Even retail giants have had their beanstalks ruffled and thrones jostled, some not holding on tight enough and falling between the cracks. Toys “R” Us was a classic category killer and one of America’s largest private companies but after becoming complacent with their success at the time, mass merchants and online retailers swept their feet from under them. 


Toys “R” Us – I’m sure you’ll remember – triumphed over its competitors at the time by giving customers a reason to visit, with live product demonstrations, gaming events, storytime and many more customer-focused activities. This brought new and recurring consumers but after some time these activities diminished and in turn so did customer connections.

How do traditional brick-and-mortar businesses succeed today and avoid deterioration like Toys “R” Us? It’s simple – adapt to the modern age. One major reason that traditional stores are dissolving so quick is that they aren’t rejuvenating the way they run, or evolving their retailing to be effective in the heavily competitive environment retail has become.

There is, however, a great range of traditional stores that have innovated and reaped the rewards. The LEGO Group prides itself on creating moments and memories for its customers, Martin Urrutia Islas who is the head of global retail innovation for the Group talked recently at NRF2020. He spoke about how they replicated the experience and engagement of “Lego House” in Billund, Denmark to their retail stores across the globe. Urrutia Islas continued “Our vision is that our retail stores are as much fun as when you play and build at home. It should be about memories, moments and experience”.


To adapt to the modern consumer, LEGO trialled its Minifigure Factory in stores across Europe, only sticking around for a few days at a time. This pop-up shop included their impressive printer alongside an interactive digital screen with touch controls.

Whilst in mainstream retail stores LEGO buffed up their merchandisers to include fully built LEGO sets to show exactly what came in the box. On top of this, the merchandisers include interactive lights and sounds that were wired into the LEGO sets, controlled by buttons. Surely enough, the set on display sold like hotcakes.


This approach generates excitement from customers and encourages people to travel longer distances than usual, in particular to the Minifigure Factory – kicking up a storm on social media to keep it relevant and on customers minds. This concept engages customers through modern technology and creates memories that will stick in the minds of the consumer for a long while. 

Traditional retailers don’t all need a mobile Minifigure printer to modernize their brick-and-mortar stores, interactive digital experiences can be tailored to fit your business and can improve customer satisfaction, revenue and brand awareness. Incorporating social media sharing is one way to generate online traction around customer experiences and opportunities for customers to create memories. 

Luminati offers a range of products that allow you to engage and interact with your audience: from illuminated product merchandisers, interactable display cabinets and commercial digital screens that can be used to create immersive shopping experiences for customers. 

Our screens in particular offer network capability, high brightness displays, impressive image quality, touch-enabled controls and much more to give you the perfect foundation to create digital experiences for your store.

The freestanding outdoor digital touch screen is the perfect unit for customer interaction, featuring an IP65 rating and durable housing to protect the unit from the outside elements. You can make sure the screen is seen with its 2500 candela display and anti-reflective glass. Keeping the high brightness display cool alongside the rest of the unit is an air conditioning system that ensures everything is running at the right temperature 24/7. Combine this with a powerful networking system to give you control wherever you are, makes this digital touch screen a must-have. 

To explore our extensive range of digital screens and learn more about how can revolutionise your retail display, we invite you to visit our brand-new website at It’s a one-stop destination for all your digital display needs.

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Display Screens From Luminati We are thrilled to announce the launch of, a dedicated platform specialising in state-of-the-art digital screens for retail display and

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Display Screens From Luminati We are thrilled to announce the launch of, a dedicated platform specialising in state-of-the-art digital screens for retail display and

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