Environmentally Conscious Material Selection at Luminati

Climate change is a big issue and everyone has their part to do, as a manufacturer of products using a diverse range of materials, including acrylic, we feel it’s paramount that we do everything we can to reduce our emissions and waste while still providing exceptional products. One of the biggest steps we have taken towards this goal is to use more sustainable materials to create our products, this means that we can still manufacture what we know best whilst doing the most we can to look after the resources around us. 

Greencast® Acrylic and Bamboo Wood are two examples of some of the new materials that we are incorporating into our design and manufacturing process to create more sustainable displays.  Both of these materials are readily recycled and reused, this reduces overall energy usage and the consumption of raw materials, in-turn the reduced energy and material expenditures creates less air pollution and water pollution also minimising the need for conventional waste disposal. 

Responsibly sourced wood such as Bamboo has many environmental benefits.  It is durable when properly looked after and modern wood preservatives can enhance the natural ability of wood. When it comes to the production of wood, the process uses much less energy than most other materials. 

Increased demand for responsibly sourced wood can result in an increase of well-managed forests and plantations. This can lead to a reduction of CO2 from our atmosphere as wood naturally absorbs it. With its significantly lower carbon footprint as well, responsibly sourced wood makes a great substitute for materials that require larger amounts of fossil fuels to produce.

We manufacture a wide range of stunning display units out of wood one of the most popular is the Traditional Wooden Lectern. Featuring a beautiful oak finish and with 18mm thick panels, this lectern is extremely robust and has a true premium feel and look. The pulpit has a small internal shelf that gives you the space to keep your extra notes, drink bottles and laptops, making it a great platform to deliver speeches and presentations. We’ve found this lectern is very popular in schools, universities, churches and conference halls because of it’s authentic and rustic look. 

The second of our materials is GreencastⓇ from Madreperla, the first cast acrylic that can be 100% recycled back to its original raw material. Also known as PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) it is the product of collaboration with important Italian and German universities who help to perfect the process of reusing GreencastⓇ. 

The process of recycling PMMA products allows Madreperla and manufacturers who use their products to reduce the consumption of raw materials, reduce acrylic processing waste that would normally go to landfill or incineration and reuse products at the end of their lifecycle. 

The method of recycling GreencastⓇ starts with the collection of PMMA scraps and products at the end of their life, these are then brought to a liquid state through heating, while in this state the impurities are removed from the liquid through distillation. The distilled liquid is known as R-MMA (Recycled Methyl Methacrylate Monomer) which is formed into GreencastⓇ cast acrylic sheets.

GreencastⓇ is available in the same finishes as virgin acrylic so gloss, matt, transparent and translucent sheets which means you still have plenty of options to work with. 

Because of the very similar properties to regular cast acrylic, GreencastⓇ can be used to manufacture most of our standard products. A product that is popular for being made out of GreencastⓇ is our Product Glorifier Unit featuring a poster trap and a diamond polished crystal clear base which emphasises the product placed on top making sure it catches the attention of customers. The versatile product glorifier is ideal for countertop displays of cosmetics, jewellery and small merchandise and the clip-in graphics trap makes updating the unit for promotions and sales very simple. Furthermore, the unit can be flat packed which can make storage and transport painless, also making the unit perfect for exhibitions and mobile retail displays. 

An important thing to remember is our Display Design Service enables you to customise any of our standard products or even invest in your own fully bespoke solution.

If you are considering investing into an environmentally sustainable display or wish to convert one of our existing products with different materials, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team at 01752 698720.

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