Preparing For Students Returning To Class

With the possible introduction of rapid, asymptomatic testing for schools and colleges to be rolled out nationally settings have been tasked to manage and set up testing centres within their school grounds. Secondary schools, Colleges and Universities are to begin rapid coronavirus testing of staff, pupils or students from January/February 2021 in order to identify asymptomatic cases. Up to a third of individuals who test positive for COVID-19 have no symptoms at all and can therefore spread it unknowingly.

That is why the testing of people without symptoms is vital. Identifying those individuals will save lives. This is what is known as ‘mass testing’. We have been approached by many different educational settings including secondary schools, colleges and universities to support and guide them with what type of equipment they would need to set up a testing centre. We have many different solutions that will provide the centres with protective screens to maintain that they meet the key layout requirements as outlined in the government guidance for educational settings.

Take a look at some of the solutions we have been developing to meet the needs of many different organisations throughout 2020.