Top 5 tips for keeping your Retail POS display competitive

In the competitive retail environment, gaining consumer attention is critical to making sales and beating the opposition. Impactful retail displays are the product of expert understanding and conscientious design to make sure that the product is seen and sold.

Point Of Sale (POS) display units are essential in attracting attention to products and promotions. For example, during the Christmas period the consumer knows that the seasonal POS display stands are going to be where seasonal goods and promotions will be. These displays can maximise your profits by offering more to the consumer and driving customers to make additional spontaneous purchases at the end of their retail journey. When it comes to creating an effective Point Of Sale display, it’s paramount that every factor is just right. This ensures that consumers are attracted to the product and improves the chances of sales. Being experts in the field, here are a few of our top tips to designing Point of Sale Displays.

Displaying a clear message

The most important thing in marketing is the key promotional message.  Make this as clear as possible by spotlighting the benefits and features of your product clearly and concisely. This engages customers and persuades them to buy what you’re selling.

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Make it bold or bust

Making your display stand out from the crowd is difficult but carefully choosing the right colours and shape of your POS display unit can make a huge difference. This can be massively improved by illumination, lighting up your display attracts more attention than displays that lack illumination. Lighting your retail display opens up new opportunities for Point Of Sale units by creating immersion and atmosphere to your product making it eye catching.  A key theme we have discussed in previous blogs is Retail Theatre. Creating theatre around your brand is a fantastic way to attract passers by who wouldn’t otherwise stop.

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Go digital

We’re surrounded by technology all the time so why not incorporate it into your Retail POS Display. This can be done in many ways, one of the most popular is using digital screens in a retail display to tell more about the product. Showing videos and pictures on the screens can attract attention to your display, relay your key message a lot easier and provide important information. Why not include QR codes or touch screens to interact with consumers and provide an experience, gaining their interest and possibly gaining sales.

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Size matters

When it comes to retail display size, sometimes bigger isn’t always better, but making the most of your space to get your key message out there is important. Thinking outside the box gets you noticed, using interesting or unusual shapes alongside bright or contrasting colours. It’s important not to over-clutter your retail display as the message will get lost or not come across very effectively.

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Competitive Thinking

Point of sale retail displays work best when pushing promotions, think about the next season or upcoming holidays. Making it fresh and stimulating to consumers is important because as previously mentioned, the customer knows that these displays are where seasonal goods usually are. Taking advantage of this means that your displays and ultimately your products will be what the customer is looking out for.

All these points must be considered before creating your POS display for it to be an effective solution. At Luminati we have a wide range of standard products and almost unlimited potential with our Display Design Service. For more information check out our website or give our friendly sales team a call at 01752 698720

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