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Custom designed and built display cases and cabinets created for items as small as a diamond ring, to as large as a motorbike! Complete customisation is available making the display case perfect for your requirements, available with LED illumination, secure locking solutions, printed branding and much more, you’ll find the perfect solution right here.

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If you don't require a Bespoke design service, we stock a number of cabinets & cases available for purchase online.
For unique designs and custom made units, please contact our sales team via phone at 01752 698720 or send an enquiry below.

Types of Display Cabinets

Working with the product you wish to display, we will design and develop a display cabinet perfectly suited to the item displayed inside and will also take into consideration the external factors such as environment, security requirements and much more. Our team will advise of the best material and processes for the job from acrylic to glass, aluminium extrusion to LED lighting, we’ll cover all possibilities. Our popular products in this range includes:

Why You Need a Display Case for Your Business

Business is all about generating leads and making as many conversions as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this is by showcasing your products and services in the most eye-catching way possible. Display cases are highly recommended for this purpose as they are great for promoting the store’s brand and showing off the products in a showcase setting.

Whether you run a museum, retail stores or bakery, display cases are a great way to showcase your business to the world. It provides a focal point for customers and visitors, promoting more traffic to your business. Additionally, a well-designed display case can increase brand loyalty among customers and clients alike. When a product is placed in a premium-looking case, it provides a sense of exclusiveness to the product, therefore, adding a perceived value to it. In addition to establishing you as an authority in your industry, a display case also improves the appearance of your space. 

So, if you’re looking to boost your business, don’t miss out on this essential piece of equipment. This is a good investment as they not only boost your product sales but also and they also keep merchandise organized and protected.


Bespoke Display Cabinets & Cases

We deliver your order to site and depending on the size of the item, can offer a full installation service. Each custom display case or cabinet is designed and built to last and we pride ourselves on the consistently high quality of our products. If your item included LED illumination we will provide all accessories to ensure it’s as simple as plug and play.


Types of businesses that benefit from Cabinets & Cases:

Schools & Colleges for displaying sports trophies
Museum & Galleries 
Retail Stores
Home use- displaying collectables  and valuable items

Looking For The Above Product In Your Own Way?

Looking For The Above Product In Your Own Way?

Turning Your Vision To Reality

Luminati offer a complete bespoke service where we take your vision and turn it into reality. If you are looking for the product above but completely unique to your requirement then get in touch today to discuss your requirement.

Extensive Experience

Our technical and development team will work closely with you to ensure your exact needs are met. With our years of experience, we work with you to plan your perfect product. We then send you plans and 3d models along the way to ensure your happy.

From Design To Manufacture

Once your design is developed and confirmed, we will then move on to the manufacturing of your product. All our manufacturing is done in house. We work meticulously when creating your product to ensure your expectations are exceeded in final delivery.

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