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Welcome to Luminati, the UK’s foremost specialist in high-quality, bespoke display and Point of Sale solutions. For over 20 years, we’ve been the go-to choose for clients across various sectors, but we’ve recently seen a surge of interest from the country’s premier football clubs. We believe this is no coincidence; top-tier clubs demand excellence in every aspect, from the pitch to the presentation. Our tailored offerings fit seamlessly into this world, enhancing stadiums, club shops, and media rooms with customised solutions that set the stage for distinction.

What sets us apart is our uncompromising commitment to quality and customisation. We understand that high-calibre football clubs have unique needs and high standards. That’s why we offer a bespoke design service to create display solutions that are not only functional but also enrich the aesthetic and brand image of your club. From meticulously crafted trophy cabinets that celebrate your victories to stylish lecterns that add gravitas to your press events, each product is a statement of quality. To meet this standard, all our products are manufactured within the UK, ensuring they match the premier status of our clients.

Our extensive product range has been carefully curated to address every facet of a football club’s operations. This includes display cabinets, trophy cases, and shirt display cases designed to showcase your club’s heritage, as well as lecterns and brochure holders for functional utility in press rooms and corporate suites. Moreover, for clubs looking to integrate modern technology into their facilities, we offer digital displays that can be customised to feature interactive content. In sum, Luminati is not just a supplier but a partner, committed to elevating the brand presence of the UK’s leading football clubs.

Display Cabinets for Premier Football Clubs

For a football club where heritage meets modernity, presenting your legacy and current successes becomes an indispensable part of your brand. Luminati’s display cabinets are crafted with precision to add an aura of prestige to your club. Whether it’s your vintage memorabilia, championship trophies, or the latest merchandise, our cabinets ensure that each item is showcased in a manner befitting its value.

Acrylic Display Cabinets

Known for their optical clarity, our acrylic cabinets are ideal for merchandising areas or smaller exhibits. They offer a clear, shatter-proof way to showcase your merchandise or smaller collectables.

Glass Display Cabinets

Elegant and timeless, these are best suited for executive lounges and trophy rooms. Made from toughened glass and aluminium framework, they offer both strength and a neutral backdrop that makes your displayed items the centre of attention. 

Metal Display Cabinets

Robust and durable, our metal cabinets are perfect for high-traffic areas like club shops and entryways. With the option for customisation, these cabinets can be designed to resonate with your club’s colours and themes.

Tailored to Your Needs 

Beyond our standard range, we offer bespoke cabinets that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for custom branding, LED lighting, or even specific security features, we can integrate these into your chosen design. Our cabinets can be both freestanding or wall-mounted, designed for a myriad of purposes within your football club—from the club shop to the executive suites and media rooms. 

Command the Room with Elegance and Functionality

When it comes to hosting a press conference, giving a memorable speech, or orchestrating events in football clubs and stadiums, the importance of a well-designed lectern cannot be overstated. At Luminati, we offer a comprehensive range of lecterns, engineered to cater to varying needs—whether it’s a high-profile press room, VIP lounges, or special club events.

Acrylic Lecterns

With their transparent design, these not only enhance the contemporary aesthetic but also minimise the visual barrier between the speaker and the audience. Ideal for modern press rooms or corporate presentations. 

Wooden Lecterns

Offering a classic look, our wooden options are perfect for traditional settings and can bring a touch of gravitas to club history discussions or guest lectures. 

Portable Lecterns

These are designed for versatility and are easily transportable, making them a superb choice for varying event locations within the stadium. 

Advanced Features for Seamless Presentation

Our lecterns are more than just a stand; they come with a range of integrated features to facilitate an effortless presentation. Adjustable heights and angles ensure optimal positioning, while built-in sound systems, lighting, and storage compartments add an extra layer of convenience.

Customisability to Reflect Your Brand

Make your lectern a statement piece with bespoke options. Add your club’s branding through graphics, engraving, or printing, or enhance functionality with custom ports, including HDMI and USB sockets. Our coloured acrylic panels can easily be switched out to match the decor or occasion, and they offer an ideal backdrop for logos or thematic imagery.

Expert Advice for the Perfect Choice

Selecting the right lectern can be a daunting task. At Luminati, we provide guidance based on your specific needs—audience size, venue, and purpose of the event. Whether you’re leaning towards the modern flair of an acrylic lectern or the traditional elegance of a wooden one, we’re here to ensure that your choice resonates with the ethos and prestige of your football club or stadium.

A Showcase of Excellence and Achievement

At Luminati, we understand that a trophy is more than just an object; it’s a symbol of hard-fought victory, commitment, and unparalleled excellence. Our trophy cabinets offer a dignified home for these symbols, catering specifically to the distinct needs of premier football clubs and stadiums.

Acrylic Trophy Cabinets

A modern, versatile choice ideal for contemporary settings. These offer superior optical clarity and are designed to be shatter-proof for safety in high-traffic areas.

Glass Trophy Cabinets

Immaculate, elegant and perfect for VIP lounges or boardrooms, our glass cabinets come with optional aluminium or black framework, creating a neutral but sumptuous backdrop for your accolades.

Metal Trophy Cabinets

Providing a robust solution, our metal cabinets offer durability without sacrificing style, making them an ideal choice for bustling club shops or entrances.

Information at Your Fingertips

In the dynamic environment of a football club, information needs to flow seamlessly—from match-day programmes and VIP packages to training schedules and club merchandise. That’s where Luminati’s high-quality brochure holders and dispensers come in, offering the perfect combination of functionality, durability, and aesthetics to fit within various areas of your football club facility.

Versatile and Practical Designs

Whether it’s the club’s retail store, VIP lounges, administrative offices, or the stadium’s main entrance, our brochure dispensers are designed to make an impact. They are available in both A5 and A4 sizes, with vertical configuration options for displaying your literature elegantly. 

Back Panel Configurations: 

  • A4 Portrait x 2-3 Pockets: Suitable for mounting on walls with high footfall. 
  • A5 Portrait x 2-5 Pockets: Ideal for narrow spaces or specific content categories. 

Each pocket depth is 35mm, offering plenty of space for your brochures, leaflets, or match-day programmes. The pack includes satin silver finish wall fixings for secure and straightforward installation. 

Custom Solutions for Your Club’s Unique Needs 

With various back panel sizes, from two-pocket to five-pocket configurations, our brochure holders are highly adaptable to your specific layout requirements. Looking for a landscape pocket or a custom-designed unit to match your brand colours and logo? We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your club’s distinctive needs. 

A Stage for Your Club's Heritage

For football clubs, t-shirts are more than just apparel; they’re artefacts that chronicle the team’s history, achievements, and fan fervour. Luminati’s T-shirt display cases are the ideal solution to showcase these cherished memorabilia in your club’s retail stores, VIP lounges, or trophy rooms. 

Precision-Crafted to Perfection 

Our standard T-shirt display case dimensions are 558mm wide by 754mm high optimised to fit most t-shirt sizes. Designed to be easily wall-mounted, each case comes with satin silver standoffs to provide a secure and stylish mount. 

Built to Last, Designed to Impress 

  • Robust Material: Each case is constructed from durable 4mm clear acrylic, ensuring long-lasting quality. 
  • Secure Design: The single-cam lock door not only guarantees the security of your prized t-shirts but also offers easy access when required. 
  • Slat Wall Style: The internal design features a slat wall style, allowing for a fuss-free change of the displayed t-shirts. 

Ingenious Features for Easy Display 

Forget the hassle of pinning or taping which can damage your valuable t-shirts. Our cases come with a clear acrylic cutout, making it simple to hang your shirt and keep it in pristine condition. The internal depth of 50mm offers ample space, and the front cover slots easily into place with a cam lock. 

An Aesthetic and Functional Choice for Clubs

When it comes to showcasing your club’s accolades, important notices, or historical photographs, Luminati’s wide range of wall frames serves as an impeccable solution. We offer a plethora of options, from acrylic frames to Perspex picture frames, all designed to match the aesthetics and functionalities of a club environment.

A Range of Options for Your Club’s Needs 

  • Acrylic Photo Frames: Ideal for displaying player photos or memorable moments. Lightweight and easy to move, these are perfect for periodic updates. 
  • Art Displays and Poster Frames: Use these to showcase large graphics, club mottos, or event posters. 
  • Clear Block Frames: These frames offer a minimalist design, ideal for contemporary clubs looking for a subtle display. 
  • Graphic Holders: Utilised best for directional signage or important club announcements. 
  • Countertop Magnetic Photo Frames: Excellent for receptions or ticket counters to display player statistics, match schedules, or offers. 
  • Multi-Aperture Snap Frames: Allows you to display multiple items in one frame, perfect for a timeline of the club’s history or achievements. 

Popular Sizes and Colours 

  • A4 to A1 Prints: Suitable for most types of display needs. 
  • 16 x 20 Inch Prints: For when you want to make a bigger impact. 
  • Clear Acrylic, Black and White Frames: Match or contrast these with your club’s colour scheme. 

Customisable and Versatile 

All of our frames are fully customisable and can be tailored to your exact needs, from the colour of the frame to the thickness of the acrylic panels used. We even offer bespoke services to include printing. If your club requires a high-quality print for the frame, we can produce the graphics, fix the print in the frame, individually box it, and send it to multiple addresses. 

At Luminati, your vision is our mission. Let us bring your project to life with the quality and craftsmanship that you expect and deserve.

We invite you to explore our diverse range of high-quality products, meticulously crafted to meet a variety of needs. Whether you’re interested in our lecterns, T-shirt display cases, brochure holders and dispensers, or acrylic frames, we offer solutions that are both off-the-shelf and customisable.

For those looking to outfit a stadium, club, or specific project with tailored solutions, our team of experts is on hand to guide you through our bespoke services. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation or a quote.

Made-to-Order: Personalised Solutions for Every Need

At Luminati, we understand that each client's needs and requirements are unique, which is why we offer a fully bespoke service. From customised lecterns to brand-specific brochure holders, our made-to-order solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements down to the smallest detail. Be it incorporating your company logo, selecting materials, or even adjusting dimensions, we collaborate closely with you to create a product that fulfils your vision. In doing so, we offer a truly personalised service, ensuring each item is tailor-made to your specifications.

High-Quality: A Commitment to Excellence

Quality is at the core of everything we produce. All of our products, be it a Perspex picture frame or a wooden lectern, exude craftsmanship and durability. We emphasise the use of high-grade materials and meticulous manufacturing processes to guarantee the long-lasting nature of our items. Our products are manufactured within the UK or the EU, ensuring they meet stringent quality standards. By focusing on the premium nature of our products, we aim to provide you with not just a piece of equipment but a valuable investment.

Off-the-Shelf Items: Instant Solutions, Highest Quality

We also provide a wide range of off-the-shelf items that maintain the same high standards of quality. Take our framed T-shirt display cases, for instance. Designed with a clear acrylic cutout and satin silver finishes, these ready-made products offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. They are perfect for immediate needs, offering a convenient, high-quality solution without the wait. Whether you opt for a standard size or require custom dimensions, our off-the-shelf items are crafted to meet the highest quality standards, serving as an excellent addition to any setting.

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