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Luminati’s product range can be used daily within law enforcement organisations. Whether you require staff photo boards in a police station or fire safety notices within the fire services department, Luminati can manufacture products to your requirements. We design and manufacture products that can be helpful to staff and members of the public in reception areas and offices within law enforcement. 

Our products are manufactured from a range of high-quality materials including acrylic, foamex, aluminium composite and more. If you need a specific product that needs to be fire-rated or suitable for outdoor use, we can adapt our products to suit your needs. 

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products. If you’re interested in enhancing your facility with bespoke display solutions, contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 

Our Standard Products For Law Enforcement & Security

LA93 Fire Rated – Wall Mounted Acrylic Poster Frames


Display certificates, achievements or personal photos in your office or communal areas.

Staff Photo Boards

Put a name to a face and help employees and visitors understand the various departments.

Health & Safety Boards

Highlight important safety messages to both your staff and members of the public.

Notice Boards

Display organisational goals or important notices in an eye-catching way.

Display Cabinets

Showcase your team’s achievements by displaying awards in a display cabinet.


Help minimise the spread of airborne germs in public areas by using protective screens,

Stay Safe & Look Smart

Police, Armed Forces & Fire Services are constantly on the go and any products that can help ease the stress of daily life are always welcome. Our products can help to streamline communication across all departments and between members of the public. 

  • Information Boards: Communication is a skill that is required across the board in law enforcement and it is especially important to highlight any relevant or important information at all times. Our information boards can help to ease the process of displaying information in a direct and informative way. 
  • Display Cabinets: Take pride in your team’s achievements and showcase any awards they have won during their career by displaying them proudly within a premium glass or acrylic display cabinet. 
  • Health & Safety Boards: With members of the public entering and leaving law enforcement offices and reception areas on a regular basis, it is important to clearly highlight any safety notices as well as fire exits to minimise any potential risks. 

Branding and Customisable Options

Branding can be incredibly important when it comes to UK Law Enforcement as there are so many different organisations within the industry. Not only is it important for employees to take pride in their team but it is extremely helpful to members of the public. Branding can be a great wayfinding tool and it can help to build trust when an organisation is recognised.


Luminati also offers customisable options for its standard products. We understand that it is not always ‘one size fits all’ and certain sizes or features need to be adapted to fit the location and purpose of the product. Whether you require extra security locks on display cabinets or weatherproof material for an outdoor notice board display, we can design and manufacture the product to suit your requirements. 

Public Sector Procurement​

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to set up a new supplier for purchasing. But with Luminati, it couldn't be easier! We even offer Public Sector Organisations instant credit!​

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