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Bespoke Lecterns & Podiums


Bespoke Lecterns & Podiums

Luminati Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke lecterns and podiums, designed to make a feature of the speaker and offer a privacy barrier, both key in delivering a confident speech. We have a large range of standard designs available which can be customised, along with a completely bespoke design service to create something unique to you. With the inclusion of AV technology and digital connectivity, we can give your presentations a modern twist.

Shop our standard lectern & podiums

If you don’t require a Bespoke service, we stock a number of standard lecterns and podiums that are available for purchase online. For unique designs and custom made units, please contact our sales team via phone at 01752 698720 or send an enquiry below.

Custom Lectern & Podium Designs

The basic form of the lectern has gone unchanged for a long time but in recent years these have developed, and Luminati are here to offer you the best and most up to date selections. We specialise in modern clear acrylic lectern designs, breaking down the barrier between the speaker and the audience. 

Our wide range of modern lectern/podium designs can be customised to suit your needs and branding, which can also incorporate AV technology and digital connectivity.



Religious & Worship Lecterns

We’re also a proud supplier of custom Lecterns to various different religious buildings, including:

Here's Why You Should Invest in Speech Lecterns

Giving speeches can be a daunting task, but with the help of a lectern, the process becomes much easier. A lectern is a podium or stand that is typically used for public speaking. It can provide a sense of privacy to the speaker, making them feel less conscious and more confident when delivering their speech. If you’re constantly delivering speech or hosting events, here are some things a lectern can benefit you when you next face the crowd:

  • Provides a stable platform from which to deliver your speech
  • Enhances the visibility of your presentation.
  • Amplifies the speaker’s voice, making it easier to be heard by the crowd.
  • Can be moved around to different locations, making them perfect for public speaking events.
  • Can discreetly hold reading materials or drinks .

Creating your Lectern with Luminati

There are many advantages to using a speech lectern. They’re a really versatile instrument, so they’re a good option for businesses that have a lot of events here and there. Speech lecterns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the setting and needs of the user. This is why before making a purchase, it’s important to consult with a professional about which lectern is appropriate for your unique requirements.

Luminati has decades of experience manufacturing lecterns for a variety of businesses such as religious groups, universities, and even retail stores. Combining this experience with talent, Luminati can provide the best solution be it for a presentation, event, social gathering, or even for retail and office use.

Here are some of the advantages of Luminati lecterns that you may not be aware of.

  • Offers privacy between the presenter and audience
  • Provide a professional look to any speech or conference
  • Can offer additional advertising and brand promotion at your event
  • Lecterns can be adjustable so speakers can adjust their speaking levels for different audiences.
  • Lockable storage can be incorporated to allow a secure storage area
  • Lecterns can be portable or made with castor feet, so moving from one location to another is easy
  • Lecterns can have an integrated microphone or illumination for maximum impact

Finally, Luminati lecterns are reasonably priced and easy to set up, making them a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of settings. So why not give one a try? They could help to make your speech-giving experience much more comfortable and efficient!

Looking For Bespoke Lecterns or Podiums?

Looking For Custom Lecterns & Podiums?

Turning Your Vision To Reality

Luminati offer a complete bespoke service where we take your vision and turn it into reality. If you are looking for the product above but completely unique to your requirement then get in touch today to discuss your requirement.

Extensive Experience

Our technical and development team will work closely with you to ensure your exact needs are met. With our years of experience, we work with you to plan your perfect product. We then send you plans and 3d models along the way to ensure your happy.

From Design To Manufacture

Once your design is developed and confirmed, we will then move on to the manufacturing of your product. All our manufacturing is done in house. We work meticulously when creating your product to ensure your expectations are exceeded in final delivery.

I Don't Need A Bespoke Design

If you don't need to customise you lecterns or podium take a look at our fixed standard products and leave the designs to us.

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