Luminati Ltd

Creative Display Solutions from Luminati Ltd

Luminati Limited are UK Designers and Manufacturers of Acrylic Display Solutions.

Specialists in acrylic fabrication, Luminati design display products for Point of Sale, display and exhibition cabinets and cases and media and brochure stands.  We also design and produce a vast range of acrylic frames, poster kits and wall boards as well as modern furniture for the home and office.

Luminati is an agile and responsive design and manufacturing company that offers bespoke products and solutions to its clients, many of whom are international brands, household names or top design and creative agencies.  From laser etched branding blocks and frames to illuminated exhibition stands, museum display cases to car show room refits our dedicated team provide a full bespoke service from initial concept through to delivery.

Waycon Design is a trading division of Luminati Waycon that specialises in commercial & industrial solutions such as desiccator cabinetsopticians displays, and retail displays. Luminati Lifestyles is our division that focuses on contemporary furniture and home accessories

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