Beyond Photos: Unique Ideas for Displaying Artwork and Memorabilia in Frames

Displaying artwork and memorabilia in frames is an excellent way to showcase their importance. A frame protects these items from damage while enhancing their visual appeal providing a focal point that draws the viewer’s attention. In this article, we’ll provide helpful tips for displaying your artwork in creative, personal, and unconventional ways.

Creative Frame Ideas

Although most frames are made of wood or metal, if you wish to add your unique and personal style, try using some non-traditional materials instead. Driftwood, for example, can add a rustic and beachy hint to your home, if that’s your taste. If you’re a wine-lover, perhaps you might make a wine cork frame, a nostalgic way of saving and utilising your corks from old bottles. Vintage books can also be repurposed, for those who enjoy reading. Another idea is to create DIY frames from repurposed materials, make use of old windowpanes or, even, simply repaint some outdated picture frames. To elevate your home décor, find a spot in your home for a gallery-esque wall. Mix and match frames of different styles and sizes to create a distinctive and personal assortment.

Incorporating Memorabilia

Photos are not the only items that can be displayed in your frames. Whether it’s football shirts, movie tickets, or seashells, incorporating memorabilia from significant moments is a wonderful way of improving your home. Shadow box frames can be used for such objects. Aside from memorabilia, other sentimental items such as letters or personal artwork can add a special touch, while preserving and protecting these items from wear and tear. If you have rare collectables, such as antiques or vintage postcards, frames are the perfect means of showcasing these unique objects. Incorporating personal items, memorabilia or collectibles, can enhance your space by reflecting your personality and memories.

Artwork Display Options

Grouping the pieces by colour, theme, or style can ensure a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing display when showing your artwork or items. You might want to have only black-and-white photos or hang paintings with a similar subject or theme together. Another aspect to consider is experimentation with different hanging techniques. Using ribbon can create a soft cascading kind of effect. If you enjoy industrial interior design, you might use wire. Oversized or ornate frames are another technique to make a statement with your artwork. Large frames draw attention to the art, making it a focal and concentrated aspect within the room. Ornate frames, almost artwork themselves, can add a traditional and elegant touch to your display. There are numerous properties of frames to consider, but ultimately it is whatever works with what you are attempting to show and in your style.

Unconventional Display Spaces

Utilising unexpected areas, such as staircases or kitchen backsplashes, is a fun and unexpected way to showcase artwork and memorabilia. A small amount of creativity to transform an otherwise usually boring space. If you have many pieces that you wish to show, consider fashioning a feature wall to highlight your favourite pieces. For example, fishing enthusiasts might want to display a mounted fish and pair it with a framed photo of their biggest catch. Alternatively, they could incorporate fish or fishing scenes into the decor, such as using artwork or graphics inspired by the big bass bonanza game or simply hang a fishing rod on the wall as a unique display. Another example would be car lover installing display shelves on a wall to display die-cast model cars, vintage license plates, or other small items. A unusual suggestion is to display your art by hanging it from the ceiling or using floating shelves. This would really emphasise the art in your room, both unconventional and interesting.

Maintenance and Preservation Tips

It is important to clean and dust your frames, this stops the build-up of dirt and dust which might damage your artwork and memorabilia. It is best to use a soft and dry cloth or specialised art cleaner. If you’re worried about damage from sunlight, it might be a good idea to choose UV-protective glass or acrylic. UV rays can cause fading, discolouration, or damage to artwork and even frames. If you have particularly valuable or delicate items that require special care, it might be worth considering professional framing options. A professional framer is skilled in the right techniques and knows the right materials to ensure that your items are properly preserved. These may seem like overly careful precautions, but they can guarantee that your art remains in great condition over time.


Experimenting with different materials, incorporating memorabilia and collectables, and utilising unconventional display spaces are just a few of the ways to showcase your artwork to add a personal and special touch to your space. It is important to also take care in maintenance by cleaning frames and choosing appropriate materials to protect your items from damage. We encourage readers to experiment with different styles and ideas to display their art meaningfully.

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