A Guide to Selling at UK Christmas Markets

Christmas is just around the corner which means thousands of consumers will be visiting your local Christmas market and supporting local small businesses. It is the perfect opportunity to expand your business, get your brand known and talk face-to-face with your customers. Christmas markets are a fun and traditional event that brings in a large audience of people, so if you are a retailer at a Christmas market this year, you might want to check out this expert guide to ensure you are maximising your potential on your stand.

What Are Christmas Markets?

Christmas markets are daily events that can start from mid-November up until Christmas eve and usually run from midday to late evening. Retailers typically purchase a stand at the market which they will use up until the final day and it’s where they will sell their goods and services. Securing a spot at a Christmas market is incredibly competitive and space is always limited, so if you haven’t got one this year, make sure to contact your local council to get one secured for next year!

Benefits of Selling at Christmas Markets

Christmas markets always tend to be busy from start to finish. People come with friends and family to try Christmas goods like mulled wine, cheese and sweet treats, all whilst shopping for unique Christmas presents. That means there is always a constant flow of potential customers all looking and expecting to spend some money. Whilst the increase in sales is definitely a key bonus for selling at Christmas markets, there are other benefits a Christmas market can bring to your business such as… 

1. Exposure

All different types and ages of people visit UK Christmas markets which means that you may attract someone who is not your ‘typical customer’. Markets can give you the opportunity to get your business out to people who might not have typically shopped for your products or even know about your company and brand. It is a great way to draw it people in and get them talking about your brand,

2. Talking to your customers

Christmas markets are a great opportunity to interact with your customers. You can see their true reaction to your product and services and you can even get some feedback on your business by asking them questions on how you could improve some products or if there is anything they would particularly enjoy purchasing. 

What To Sell At Christmas Markets?

There are endless options of products that you can sell at Christmas markets but the most popular type of product is always something that is consumed or something that can be purchased as a gift for someone. Typically, you find a lot of the same type of stalls around UK markets, some of the most popular businesses include products and services such as: 

  • Confectionary & Sweets
  • Savoury Treats: Cheese & Pretzels
  • Food Stalls
  • Homemade jewellery and candles 
  • Local breweries

How To Make Your Stall Stand Out

As Christmas markets are always flooded with people and traders, you need to try and go the extra mile to make your stall stand out. As it is the Christmas season, you should ensure you are dressing your stall up with Christmas decorations to get into the spirit. It is also beneficial to add Christmas lights or even lightboxes which can draw in the eyes of anyone passing by. Point of sale products like lightboxes are a great way to display any promotional messaging that can make someone passing by into a customer.

Essential Displays For Your Products

The way you promote and display your products or services will depend on the items you are selling.  Some products will need to be on display but not reachable to customers, whilst other products will need to be shown on full display and able to be felt by the consumer. Take a look at some essential ways to display the different types of products you can sell at a Christmas market:

Food Stalls:

If you are displaying food items such as sweet treats, savouries or full meals, you will want to have food cases and covers. With the amount of people continuously walking past admiring your food, you want to ensure that your food is protected from any airborne germs and unwanted hands. Not only do our food covers and cases protect your food, but the crystal clear acrylic means it is still perfectly visible to customers. We also recommend food dispensers for any sweet sellers so customers can help themself in a safe and hygienic manner. 

Craft Stalls:

From delicate homemade jewellery to uniquely designed candles, craft stalls can be filled with many expertly designed pieces. It is important, to make sure you are displaying your one-of-a-kind products in the most appropriate way. Clear Acrylic Display cases can be used to showcase your products to members of the public whilst also being protected from any potential damages. 

Local Breweires

A popular product we see at many different Christmas markets is locally brewed drinks. Bottle display cases are a great way to highlight your products to customers and to protect your more expensive products. If you want to have an eye-catching display for your bottle, Luminati’s Tiered LED Illuminated Back Bar Display is a great way to attract customers to your stall. 

General Merchandise

As previously mentioned, there are loads of different products you can sell at a Christmas market so various types of displays are required. For more general merchandise, you may not need such specific designs or requirements, so here are some examples of popular displays customers use for their more general products: 

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