Our Charitable donations to local frontline businesses

Over the last few months we have seen some of the biggest changes in modern history.  Our lives, businesses and society have all been significantly impacted by COVID-19.  In these testing times, businesses have had to adapt and diversify in order to continue, and at Luminati we have done exactly that.


We have been working with the NHS and in the healthcare sector for many years, so were able to use our experience and contacts in the field to come up with some innovative, life changing products to try and help with the crisis. With design, manufacture and production all based in-house, we are in the perfect position to rapidly develop solutions that can make a huge impact to people’s lives, especially those working on the front line.


As part of this innovation process, we designed, developed and prototyped a facial shield mask in under 24 hours, and sold 17,000 within the first 2 weeks of production.  We’re extremely pleased we were able to do this and could contribute to the safety and well being of front line staff.


Three weeks later, we have produced and supplied them into a diverse range of businesses including The Pallet Network, The NHS, Cartech Community Services, Kawasaki Precision Machinery, Kernow Health East, Siam GP Surgery. Brandon Trust, Rittal, Artemis Optical, Plymouth City Bus and Aldermans tooling to name just a few!


As part of our commitment to keeping frontline staff safe, we have produced over 200 masks that we have donated into various local businesses.  Our Charity Packs have been distributed to local nursing homes, Derriford Hospital, St Lukes Hospice, GP Surgeries etc.


Being in a position to provide help in this crisis has meant a lot to us and we are extremely happy we were able to donate these vital masks to businesses so close to us.


It’s our way of saying thank you to all the front line workers out there.  Thanks! #NHSHeroes #Frontline #PPE