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Acrylic Lecterns

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  1. Church Lectern
    Church Lectern
    A popular church lectern made in clear acrylic throughout - a transparent lectern which you can add...
    £154.50 £128.75
  2. Acrylic Lectern
    Acrylic Lectern
    A classic acrylic lectern made in clear Perspex throughout available with an optional shelf to hold...
    £143.95 £119.96
  3. Coloured Acrylic Lectern
    Coloured Acrylic Lectern
    Coloured acrylic lectern available in a choice of striking, bright colours combined with crystal clear...
    £689.06 £574.22
  4. Acrylic Lectern with Printed Logo
    Acrylic Lectern with Printed Logo
    Clear acrylic lectern with digitally printed logo applied to the front panel. Perfect for churches,...
    £230.52 £192.10
  5. Lectern With Illuminated Etched Logo
    Lectern With Illuminated Etched Logo
    Lectern with Illuminated engraved logo with battery powered LED's providing the illumination. A eye...
    £372.77 £310.64
  6. Streamline Lectern
    Streamline Lectern
    A stylish curved design acrylic lectern with a choice of a walnut or beech wood finish central panel....
    £751.72 £626.43
  7. Lectern Pro
    Lectern Pro
    A stunning acrylic professional lectern available in either crystal clear acrylic or a frosted finish...
    £358.50 £298.75
  8. Branded Presentation Lectern
    Branded Presentation Lectern
    This modern, branded presentation lectern is perfect for any presentation, lecture or speech. It features...
    £239.40 £199.50
  9. Angled Lectern
    Angled Lectern
    Beautifully designed angled lectern, perfect for presentations, conferences and assemblies. Available...
    £260.30 £216.92
  10. Branded Adjustable Presentation Podium
    Branded Adjustable Presentation Podium
    Branded presentation podium with an adjustable shelf to allow for different viewing angles. Perfect...
    £367.04 £305.87
  11. Acrylic Feature Lectern
    Acrylic Feature Lectern
    This acrylic feature lectern has 3 layered panels for an interesting and modern finish. Create a unique...
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  12. Premium Acrylic Multimedia Lectern
    Premium Acrylic Multimedia Lectern
    Acrylic multimedia lectern perfect for multimedia presentations where a laptop or computer will be...
    £1,041.07 £867.56
  13. Angled Lectern Slope
    Angled Lectern Slope
    Acrylic angled lectern slope for use on a desk and perfect for use during speeches or presentations. ...
    £20.84 £17.37
  14. Conference Lectern
    Conference Lectern
    A contemporary design acrylic lectern for conferences, church pulpits or lecture halls. Made in clear...
    £324.73 £270.61
  15. Church Lectern with Cross
    Church Lectern with Cross
    A modern tapered design acrylic church lectern adorned with wood finish cross on the front. Contact...
    £371.04 £309.20
  16. Lectern with iPad Holder
    Lectern with iPad Holder
    Modern lecterns incorporating iPad and presentation tablet holders in versatile designs or manufactured...
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  17. Contour Lectern
    Contour Lectern
    A modern curved contour design lectern in acrylic for presentation halls or church readings available...
    £747.17 £622.64
  18. Matrix Lectern
    Matrix Lectern
    A stunning acrylic lectern in either clear acrylic or a frosted finish acrylic and available in a...
    £240.64 £200.53
  19. Slimline AV Lectern
    Slimline AV Lectern
    Slimline AV Lectern design and made to your requirements, featuring a fully integrated digital screen...
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  20. Jubilee Lectern
    Jubilee Lectern
    An eye catching lectern with an aluminium finish centre panel combined with a choice of red, white...
    £173.50 £144.58
  21. Childrens School Presentation Lectern
    Childrens School Presentation Lectern
    A beautiful presentation lectern designed and made at a smaller size suitable for use by children...
    £491.16 £409.30
  22. Corporate Lectern
    Corporate Lectern
    A stylish acrylic corporate lectern perfect for delivering speeches or presentations. The castor base...
    £392.62 £327.18
  23. Acrylic Lectern Pastels Range
    Acrylic Lectern Pastels Range
    Premium acrylic lecterns made from a range of modern, beautiful pastel colours.  A wonderful selection...
    £714.08 £595.07
  24. Brochure Display Lectern
    Brochure Display Lectern
    Brochure Display Lectern made from high quality acrylic with an aluminium spine for strength and rigidity....
    £294.79 £245.66 As low as £310.09

Items 1-24 of 68

per page

Customise a standard Lectern product with microphone, light or tablet integration.

  • Choice of colours on podiums or lecterns
  • Choice of brand on your Lectern via Printing or graphics panels
  • Choice of incorporating tablets, screen prompts or microphones
  • Church lecterns and Pulpits using wood and Acrylic
  • Height changes and size changes

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