What is an Anchor Store?

what is an anchor store in a mall?

An anchor store is a large, popular retail store that is used to attract customers to a shopping centre or Shopping mall. The term “anchor store” comes from the idea that the store acts like an anchor, holding the other smaller stores in place. Because anchor stores are typically well-established and well-known, they are able to draw large crowds of shoppers to the shopping centre. This drives traffic to the smaller stores, making the shopping centre more attractive to both shoppers and retailers. 

Some examples of anchor stores in America include Walmart, Macy’s, and Target.

Anchor stores in Engalnd

If we look at Centre MK’s Store map (image below) it’s very easy to identify the stores which hold the largest footprint and attract customers from far and wide.

The impact of anchor stores on smaller stores

The presence of popular anchor stores in a mall can have a significant impact on the smaller stores within the mall. In the UK, anchor stores like Tesco, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, and Primark can draw significant foot traffic to the shopping centre, which can be beneficial for the smaller stores. The increased foot traffic can lead to increased sales for the smaller stores and help them to establish a customer base.

On the other hand, the competition from the anchor stores can also be a challenge for the smaller stores. The anchor stores often have a wider selection of products, lower prices, and more resources, which can make it difficult for the smaller stores to compete. Additionally, the larger stores may be able to negotiate better deals with suppliers, which can give them an advantage over the smaller stores.

Overall, the impact of anchor stores on smaller stores in a mall can be mixed. While anchor stores can bring more customers to the shopping centre, they can also pose a competitive threat to the smaller stores. It’s important for the smaller stores to differentiate themselves and offer unique products and services to attract customers and succeed in a mall environment.

What is a shadow anchor?

A shadow anchor store is a large retailer that serves as a draw for customers to a shopping center or mall, but is not physically located within the mall. Shadow anchor stores are typically located nearby, within close proximity to the shopping center, and are still able to attract customers to the area.

Shadow anchor stores are often used as a way to provide a significant draw for customers to a shopping center or mall without having to physically locate the retailer within the mall itself. This can be beneficial for both the retailer and the mall, as the retailer can maintain control over its own store design and customer experience, while still providing a draw for customers to the surrounding area.

Why does the UK have highstreets and not malls?

The UK has a long history of having high streets retail areas, dating back to the medieval times when these areas were the centers of commerce and trade. Over the years, the high street has evolved to become a primary shopping destination for many people in the UK.

In contrast, malls as we know them today did not become popular in the UK until much later. While malls have grown in popularity in other countries, particularly in North America, the UK has a different retail landscape with a strong tradition of independent shops, small chain stores, and department stores on high streets.

There are several factors that have contributed to the difference between high streets and malls in the UK. One is the built environment, as many UK towns and cities have historical centres that make it difficult to build large, enclosed shopping centres. Additionally, the UK has a strong tradition of community and local businesses, which has helped to support the high street retail model.

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