As a leading designer and manufacturer specialising in creative retail displays, Luminati works with a broad spectrum of materials including wood, metal and acrylic.  Our design experts are constantly looking at new ways to reduce any negative environmental impact, from material sourcing and selection to material reuse, recycling and upcycling. We are extremely conscious of ensuring the work we carry out is respectful of the environment in every way possible.

So, what do we do to ensure this? Firstly, Luminati tirelessly aims to reduce our energy consumption. We have replaced all office lighting with 18W LED bulbs and plan to extend this throughout production and the rest of the facility in 2018. Also, we are researching new ways we can lock in heat through new door seals, reducing energy loss.  The UK is becoming more energy efficient, with over 50 percent of UK energy being powered by natural resources.  This is a huge step forward for effective energy resources and Luminati have been consistently committed to lowering our energy rates. An example of this can be seen through shrinking our energy expenditure by 10% nationally in 2010. This target was succeeded through determination and a ‘real care’ for the environment.

Some of the Ideas to reduce our carbon footprint were generated by our own staff and we frequently use their experience in finding viable solutions for energy cutbacks. This can be highlighted through the installation of lighting sensors in various areas around our office, adding partition walls and strip curtaining to reduce heat loss, and sourcing locally, to rule out unnecessary trips and long business mileage. These changes are just the beginning for us and are already making a real difference, helping improve our development as an eco-friendly company.

A great way we decrease pollution rates is through plastic waste prevention. On April the 26th 2018, large companies such as Coca-Cola and Asda have pledged to discontinue harmful packaging in an effort to stop the harmful impact on marine life. This issue will continually affect the eco-system for years to come, but making efforts to minimise plastic pollution now is an important objective of Luminati. This can be highlighted by the “green” initiative we signed up to in 2017 and that has been implemented across the business.  Luminati was one of the first businesses to sign up to such an initiative and we now use specifically designed cages and stillages to recycle a variety of materials which helps utilise storage and maximise the efficiency of collections. Acrylic isn’t the only resource we aim to preserve, through new production techniques we are now able to maximise the most product out of any sheet of raw material for all the elements we use. Our mission to create the most waste efficient service is still on-going but it stays at the top of our priority.

Communicating with our team has become a fundamental way that we produce new ideas around the company as it’s a subject that effects everyone universally. This can involve regular meetings that incorporate new elements of energy saving, from shop floor staff to reviewers of operations. Any idea we take on board is carefully considered and if we believe it can benefit us and the environment, we put the ideas into action.

The conversation doesn’t end with our employees, we also hold discussions with our supply chains. This can allow us to introduce new ways that can help us improve our waste and energy reduction regularly. Working with our partners and supply chains help us assess environmental initiatives and implement new processes that help make an impact on the environment.

The work we do has helped us drive change within our businesses and surrounding companies. At Luminati, our environmental stewardship starts in the workplace but extends far beyond ourselves and we hope to expand our eco-friendly services into the future.