Making Light Work Of Illuminated Displays

In a previous blog we covered the significance of engaging and impactful retail window displays and the advantages that having a striking shop front on the high street can offer. The blog also covered the possible increase in footfall and sales and brand awareness that can come from a strong storefront and the thinking that goes behind high street visual merchandising. The blog finished with brief summary of digital displays and illumination to make your retail display solution really shout out.

Having seen a strong increase in illuminated displays and systems in retail, we thought we’d take a look into illumination and how it can benefit almost any retail display situation.

Why illumination?

Combining high quality acrylic, wood and metals with powerful LED’s to create professional illuminated display solutions, Illumination will make your regular display considerably more distinguishable. It can add that extra bang, increasing your “stand-out” potential as well as providing 24 hour visibility. LED illumination provides a wide range of lighting capabilities as well as longer life, less maintenance, increased safety and installation streamlining – 12 volt power supplies means instillation doesn’t require a qualified engineer – but most importantly, LED’s are more environmentally friendly than their traditional fluorescent tube lighting counterparts due to the low power consumption.

Examples Of Illumination.

Illumination is a must for any business looking to attract attention and can come in many forms to fit into any retail environment. For the dynamic retailers there are lightboxes, illuminated poster traps, high performance LED illuminated window display pockets, illuminated tension fabric displays and many more that allow for straightforward maintenance so that updating graphics for promotions and displaying products is painless. Digital displays and signage can offer a 21st century alternative to the traditional retail shop front, providing crisp 4K visuals, ultra-high brightness screens and Wi-Fi programming so you can update from anywhere to keep your retail display topical and trending.

For the retailers who don’t need to update as often, all of these options can still be considered, but for more permanent displays it’s definitely worth investing into fully bespoke shop fittings and retail displays that allow for full customisation and almost unlimited possibilities with illumination included and designs that are tailored exclusively for you. Bespoke displays let you make your retail environment yours, designed to harmonise with your products to create a refined professional shop display.

Another extremely competitive market that benefits from illumination is exhibitions, on the show floor it’s paramount to make your stand the best it can be to attract the mass footfall that attend the events. For Exhibitors the best displays must be bright, efficient and portable. Transit from one show floor to another increases risk of damage to display solutions so being reliable and rigid makes everything simple, being within such a competitive environment means that your displays must be efficient and both catch the eyes of possible customers and be properly branded so that returning customers can recognise you. Some of the best solutions for exhibitions include: Bespoke displays, exhibition display cabinets and cases and portable desk counters all with illumination and branded printing available. With the Retail Expo 2019 just around the corner all eyes are on the design and manufacturing community on what innovative retail solutions have been developed, giving us an insight into tomorrow’s market.

If retail and exhibitions aren’t your type of market, then our fully installed and illuminated museum cabinets, cases and displays might be. The museum display cabinets come in a wide spectrum of sizes and colours, they can include tough security features with climate control systems and special glass finishes to boost viewability. What’s more is that most of our cabinets can be customised to your exact specifications and if not, our bespoke service can take your idea and turn it into a professional custom display.

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