UK manufacturing is renowned for its creativity, ingenuity and originality. As we see a growth in demand for UK capacity now the recession pulls out it is important to understand our position in the market. Luminati Waycon Ltd have proved that taking a clients brief and then creating a design process to present back a solution is fast and cost effective. Some clients believe that the process is not affordable and costs thousands but rarely it costs any more than hundreds for the full process. We use our huge portfolio of assets and experience to reduce the time of the development down to hours rather than days.


Taking a brief for a custom Freestanding Display Unit (FSDU), or a counter Display Unit (CDU), jewellery display or cosmetic display retail unit is painless and hassle free. Our experienced team can produce concept sketches within 2 days, 3D renders within 4 days and prototypes within a working week. The reason for this saving in cost is due to the fact we are angling for gaining the manufacturing deal and not just making a business out of the design.


Often Clients are looking at customising an existing standard product and this process is even more cost effective and when spread over a batch is almost insignificant. These include customised versions of Lecterns, Media stands, Mutimedia applications, Picture frames, Point of Sale or Point of Purchase retail displays.


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